American Newspaper Reveals the “Army” of the Mossad in Iran

The American newspaper “New York Post” reported that during the past 18 months, Israel carried out 3 major operations against Iranian nuclear sites, with the participation of about a thousand Mossad agents and spies inside Tehran.

The American newspaper said that “high-tech weapons were used in carrying out these attacks, including drones and a quadcopter – and spies inside Iran’s holiest shrine, the nuclear program,” noting that “while American nuclear negotiators are trying to escape defeat in Vienna, Israel is Take matters seriously, and last week Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett focused on a new policy toward Tehran: responding to Tehran-backed militias with covert strikes on Iranian soil.

This strategy builds on the extensive capabilities that the Mossad has built in Iran in recent years. “.

She added, “At first, the Iranians were confused, and it seemed that the building was blown up from the inside, but how? The answer, they say, shocked them. When the Iranian regime was renovating the facility in 2019, Israeli agents pretended to be construction merchants and sold them building materials.” And those building materials were full of explosives, and a year later they were detonated by Israel,” noting that “the second and most dangerous stage was the recruitment of Iranian spies consisting of 10 nuclear scientists after they managed to convince them to change their positions by telling them that they were working for international dissidents, not For Israel’s benefit, the scientists gained access to the underground halls, and, incredibly, the scientists agreed to blow up the highly guarded facility.”

And she stated that “in February, the “Jewish Chronicle of London” newspaper revealed how Israeli spies killed the nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh using a remote-controlled machine gun, revealing that the tripartite sabotage effort on July 2, 2020, began with a mysterious explosion at Iran’s center for nuclear devices. Advanced Centrifuges (ICAC) at Natanz, one of the ultra-safe nuclear sites scattered across Iran.”

An Israeli source told the newspaper: “Their motives were different. The Mossad discovered what they desperately wanted in their lives and gave it to them. There was an inner circle of scientists who knew more about the operation, and an outside circle that helped them, but they had less information.”

The newspaper pointed out that “the mystery of the introduction of explosives into the fortified compound continued to occupy the Israeli Mossad, and this was achieved in two ways. The first was that a drone flew in its airspace and delivered the bombs to an agreed-upon location for Iranian scientists to take.” A source told the newspaper: “Suppose you wanted to enter Explosives to the Natanz facility, how do you do that? You can, for example, think that the people working there need to eat, they need food, so you can put the explosives in the truck that delivers the food to the facility, and the scientists can pick it up as soon as they come in, yeah you can do that”.

The New York Post indicated that the plan succeeded, as scientists collected and installed the bombs in April, after Iran announced that it had begun using advanced IR-5 and IR-6 centrifuges in the underground hall in flagrant defiance of its nuclear obligations. The explosives were detonated, destroying the safe power system, power outages, and destroying ninety percent of the centrifuges, which led to the facility stopping working for up to nine months, while the scientists immediately disappeared, and today they are all alive and healthy good”.

She pointed out that “these operations took place while negotiations were continuing in Vienna, and Mossad operations were carried out without international cooperation,” noting that “while Biden’s team is imbued with naivety and focus on the future as in the days of (former US President Barack) Obama, it is (the team). ) is seeking in vain the agreement in Vienna, while the Iranians are preparing for war, and the Mossad is trying to stop them.”

She revealed that, “Over the previous months, a team of Israeli spies and their Iranian agents had smuggled an armed quadcopter into the country, piece by piece. On June 23, the team assembled the group and transported it to a site 10 miles from the TESA factory in Karaj where the company is located. Iranian Centrifugal Technology (TESA). The personnel launched a quadcopter, directed it to the factory, and released the payload, causing a huge explosion. The aircraft then returned to the launch site, where it was hidden for further use.”


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