Israel Pressures US to End Nuclear Negotiations with Iran

Iran has made ‘nuclear blackmail’ a negotiating tactic and the response to this must be the immediate end of the negotiations and concrete measures of the great powers” against Tehran, Bennett defended during this conversation, according to the statement from his office.

Israel, an enemy of Iran, fears that this country will equip itself with the atomic weapon and opposes the resumption of international negotiations.

The Israeli prime minister was referring to reports that have come to light recently, which underline that Iran has increased its enriched uranium reserves by 20%, according to Bennett’s office.

For this reason, he is carrying out a diplomatic offensive to try to convince Western countries, coinciding with the resumption of these talks on the Iranian nuclear program, this week in Vienna.

This international agreement, signed in 2015 between Iran and the great powers (United States, Russia, China, France, Germany and United Kingdom) became virtually ineffective with the United States’ withdrawal from the pact in 2018, when it reinstated sanctions against Tehran. In response, Iran failed to honor the main commitments detailed in the agreement.


Arab Observer

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