An unprecedented medical achievement. The birth of a girl froze for 25 years.

A child who was frozen as an embryo for almost 25 years was born to a woman in the United States for an unprecedented medical achievement, Sky News reported Wednesday.

The embryo remained for 24 years, making the freeze longer before being successfully transferred to a woman’s uterus and delivery, according to researchers at the University of Tennessee Preston Medical.

Emma Rehn was born on November 25 from Tina Gibson, 26, in eastern Tennessee. The freeze took place on October 14, 1992, approximately 18 months after the birth of Mrs. Gibson.

In March of last year, the freeze of the NEDC was held in Knoxville, Tennessee,
The father of the child, Benjamin Gibson, said: “Emma is a sweet miracle” and added that “it looks perfectly perfect after freezing all those years. “

And half, “using old conservation techniques based on slow freezing.”

Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, Medical Director of N “We hope this story is a clear invitation for all couples with long-term storage embryos to consider this option safe for grants,” he said.

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