ANC: History will not forgive Arab silence on ‘Gaza Genocide’

The Arab National Conference (ANC) condemned in a statement on Friday the Israeli massacre, which has become widely known as the Flour Massacre, against starved Palestinian civilians waiting to receive flour amid the imposed siege on Gaza since last October.

Over 100 Palestinians were martyred and dozens of others wounded on Thursday after Israeli tanks opened fire on thousands of civilians who gathered to receive aid packages in al-Rasheed Street, to the west of Gaza City.

The statement highlighted that Palestinians in Gaza are enduring hunger and thirst due to the ongoing Israeli war, which is actively using its military to destroy, kill, and displace them; crimes that are unfolding before the very eyes of the entire world.

The ANC condemned the heinous Israeli crimes against “our people in Gaza, including this atrocity.”

“These actions have unveiled the hypocrisy of those who claim to support freedom, democracy, and human rights, revealing the true nature of countries and powers driven by arrogance and imperialism. These entities either directly use their weapons to harm or conspire in silence against the people in Gaza, including children, women, and the elderly,” the statement read.

The organization emphasized that this massacre requires urgent and immediate action in terms of taking “a historic stand to stop the genocide that the Zionist enemy is determined to forego against our people in Gaza who are defending their right to exist and strive to liberate their occupied land.”

It also called on Arab countries to “break their silence and take a unified and courageous stance to stop the genocide .. and it is our duty as Arabs to help them and save them from the Zionist war machine destroying them.”

The statement also addressed the international community, the United Nations, and all international institutions, demanding that they “fulfill their legal and humanitarian responsibilities to stop this genocide,” noting that if they do not act to fulfill their duties, they will be considered as “partners of the Zionist entity in its ongoing crimes that must be prosecuted and held accountable.”

“History will not forgive” those who remain silent and are complicit in the ongoing genocide, and “they will go down in history as partners of the Zionist entity.” Meanwhile, the ANC expressed its support for “any right decision” taken to stop this genocide, protect the people of Gaza, and preserve their rights by resisting to liberate their land and sanctities.

Finally, it called on the international community “to take the necessary measures and steps to deliver urgent food aid safely to our people in the Strip and to ensure that the [Flour Massacre] is not repeated by the criminal Zionist enemy.”

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