Anger in Libya Over Turkish Regime Embassy Celebration

The celebration was held by the Turkish regime embassy in Tripoli, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the failure of the coup against Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2017. A prominent group of Brotherhood leaders were among those present at the celebration.

Those who attended the celebration expressed their joy and pride in the Turkish intervention in the country, which “saved” them from exclusion from the political scene, while the Turkish regime ambassador to Libya admitted that his country had lost soldiers in its fight against the Libyan National Army.

At the head of the audience were the head of the so-called “Supreme Council of State” Khaled al-Mashri, a member of the Presidential Council Abdullah al-Lafi, the militia Muhammad al-Haddad, and a member of the State Council from Misurata, Abd al-Rahman al-Swehli, all of whom are leaders of the Brotherhood.

Recognition of the participation of Turkish soldiers in the fighting of the army

During the ceremony, the Turkish ambassador to Tripoli, Kanaan Yilmaz, admitted that his country had provided soldiers who were killed during battles with the Libyan army in 2019.

And he stressed, according to the “Sky News Arabia” correspondent, that his country will continue to support the militias in Tripoli, considering that “Turkey has the right to provide military support to the government militias that signed the security and military cooperation agreement with Ankara,” referring to the illegal “Al-Sarraj Erdogan” agreement. Approved by the elected Libyan Parliament.

The ambassador indicated that Turkey “has the right now, after all this support, to obtain a share of the reconstruction of Libya, with the participation of many Turkish contracting and construction companies, and to undertake projects, especially those related to the energy fields.”

For his part, Brotherhood leader Abdullah Al-Lafi, in his speech during the celebration, praised the Turkish intervention in the country, saying: “In my name and on behalf of the Presidential Council, we thank the government and people of Turkey for all the assistance they provided to the state of Libya, whether on the security or political level.”

Brotherhood leader Khaled Al-Mashri said that he and his group are “proud of the Turkish intervention,” which he described as decisive, stressing that without this intervention, the Brotherhood would have fallen and been removed from the political scene in Libya.

In conjunction with this celebration, the Brotherhood in Misurata held a celebration inside the Turkish consulate on this anniversary, and they expressed their happiness with Erdogan’s survival and the failure of the coup, and raised the slogan of the celebration, “Our fate is linked to Erdogan’s fate.”

Sharp criticism on social media

A page bearing the name “Libya everyone”, on the communication sites, commented on the celebration, saying: “The followers of the Turks, member of the Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi, called Muhammad Al-Haddad and the so-called Brotherhood President Khaled Al-Mashri, called Abdul Rahman Al-Swehli, celebrate inside the Turkish embassy in Tripoli. “.

For his part, political analyst Malik Moaz said, “The messages carried by this celebration are many, which is that Turkey is still strongly present in Libya, as it is using the Brotherhood to show that it has legitimacy in its presence inside the country.”

As for the activist Hadi Al-Baraki, he said: “After the end of Al-Swehli’s visit to the Turkish embassy in Tripoli and his expression of his love for Turkey, thanks and veneration for Grandfather Ataturk, he is now visiting the Turkish embassy with a member of the Presidential Council Lafi, Al-Mishri and Al-Haddad, and they expressed their support for the Turkish intervention.”

He added: “This celebration is a disgrace to those who allowed them to hold it,” noting that Turkey is preparing, in cooperation with the Brotherhood, for “a new chapter inside the country, and the evidence for this is the intensification of the military shipment to Libya, and the continuous movement of mercenaries,” warning of Turkey’s intentions towards Libya. .


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