Ankara continues its violations .. Commandos push into northern Iraq

Despite Iraqi condemnation on Tuesday, Ankara continued Its violations To the sovereignty of Iraq, where Turkish forces penetrated, at dawn on Wednesday, in Dohuk Governorate, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Kurdish sources reported to Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath, that Turkish artillery had been shelled, targeting Kurdish villages in the Kurdistan region.

For its part, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the launch of a new military operation in northern Iraq. In a statement on her Twitter account, she said that the process which she called (the claw-tiger) started, adding that commando units had entered the Heftanin area.

This came less than 24 hours after the announcement Iraqi army, Tuesday, that 18 Turkish aircraft penetrated Iraqi airspace Monday, to reach the Shirqat, stressing that the Turkish bombing acted a provocative and a violation of sovereignty, calling for non-repetition.

It also published a video clip showing violent artillery shelling by Turkish forces, along with the use of air force fighters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

From the Turkish-Iraqi border (archive - AFP)
From the Turkish-Iraqi border 

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs also summoned the Turkish ambassador to the country and delivered a memorandum of protest against the background of those Turkish violations, which affected a number of areas in northern Iraq.

She also renewed her call to Ankara to stop unilateral military operations, expressing the government’s readiness to cooperate jointly in controlling border security.

Turkish war planes

And Turkish warplanes launched previous raids on a town in Al-Amadiya district in northern Iraq, and caused material damage in agricultural areas.

While local media reported that the region witnessed a Turkish and Iranian bombardment since the morning, it targeted the headquarters of the Kurdistan Workers, who are designated terrorist by Ankara, and the Iranian Kurdistani Democrat, who raises the sensitivity of Tehran.

To that, a Kurdish source familiar with “Al-Arabiya” said that the sites of Kurdish, Iranian and Turkish organizations in the Alana Heights in the Haji Omran region of Iraq were subjected to artillery shelling by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Turkish Air Force at the same time, pointing out that “the joint bombing operations started on the ninth of Tuesday morning, Iraq time. ”

Iraqi Kurdistan - Duhok Governorate Archive
Iraqi Kurdistan – Duhok Governorate Archive

It is noteworthy that the Haj Imran region is a border point between the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Iranian Kurdistan, where the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iran) and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), consisting of Turkey’s Kurds, are located.

The Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iran), the Kurdistan Workers Party and other Kurdish parties in Iran and Turkey are fighting to claim Kurdish rights in the two countries from self-administration and federalism to independence.

It is noteworthy that the number of Kurds in Turkey is about 17 million people and live in the eastern and southeastern provinces, while the Kurds in Iran number to about 9 million people and live in the western provinces bordering Turkey and Iraq.

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