Anti-Netanyahu ‘Reform’ Protests Continue for 22nd Week Straight

An estimated 95,000 Israeli settlers take part in the main rally on "Kaplan Street" in "Tel Aviv", and other demonstrations were also staged in other cities.

For the 22nd week in a row, thousands of Israeli settlers have marched in the streets in the occupied Palestinian territories to protest the Israeli hardline cabinet’s contentious “judicial reforms”. 

An estimated 95,000 Israeli settlers participated in the main rally on “Kaplan Street” in “Tel Aviv”, and many smaller demonstrations were also staged in other cities, most notably occupied Al-Quds and Haifa, as per Israeli media reports.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that Netanyahu’s coalition is losing public support in light of the government’s controversial justice reform bill and escalating internal crisis, Israeli media reported.

Israeli media added that negotiations kicked off between the ruling parties under the auspices of the occupation’s President, Isaac Herzog, last month in order to reach a broad settlement, but the opposition still doubts Netanyahu’s intentions, and no settlement has been reached.

It is worth noting that Israeli media reported violent clashes earlier between Israeli occupation police and protesters who demonstrated near the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday evening.

Political divisions in “Israel” continue to deepen between the government and the opposition. “Israel” has witnessed several protests by thousands of settlers against the occupation’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in which demonstrators express their opposition to the judicial reforms it plans to enact. The opposition has demanded the complete cancellation of these amendments despite the government’s decision to temporarily suspend them.

According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, clashes broke out between Israeli police and protesters near Netanyahu’s private residence in “Caesarea”. The report stated that Israeli forces arrested four Israeli settlers and broke the nose of one of them.

The protests, which began in December last year, saw the participation of tens of thousands of settlers and later transformed into massive demonstrations where around a quarter of a million settlers took to the streets against Netanyahu’s plans that set to undermine occupation courts and further empower security and military institutions.

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