Arab League emergency meeting refutes all sorts of foreign intervention in Libya

The emergency Arab League meeting requested by Egypt on Libya took place on Tuesday, June 23, whereas Secretary -General Ahmed Abul-Gheit condemned all sorts of foreign intervention in Libya warning against the longevity of the ongoing conflict.

“We have been – worryingly and disapprovingly – following the increasing internationalization of the Libyan crisis along with the expansion of the blatant foreign military interventions in the conflict;arms ban violations; and the systematic bringing in of mercenaries and foreign militants. That has turned Libya – par excellence – into another platform for foreign intervention and the regional targeting of a member state,” Abul-Gheit added.

“Libya is going through a critical phase in the path of the conflict tearing the country apart…That conflict has been taking its toll on the Libyan people for years, its escalations are far from reaching an integrated peaceful settlement, and its The meeting requested by Egypt was held on June 23 and attended by Arab foreign ministers. aspects are jeopardizing the safety and territorial integrity of Libya as well as the security and stability of neighboring states and the Arab nation,” Abul-Gheit said in the meeting attended by Arab foreign ministers and held via video conference.

The secretary general announced a bundle of fundamentals that must be adopted by Libyan parties:

1) The preservation of Libya’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and national unity.

2) All forms of foreign interventions are condemned.

3) The only way to end the Libyan crisis is an integrated political solution.

4) The necessity of achieving a ceasefire.

5) Any endeavors to reach a ceasefire without clear commitments to withdrawing mercenaries and foreign militants, and disintegrating militias will not succeed or be sustained.

6) Any efforts, particularly Arab ones, deployed to resume a serious political dialogue led by Libyans and sponsored by the United Nations are welcomed.

The last fundamental praised the Cairo Declaration for it offered a detailed pathway for the political process aimed at reaching a solution.

Arab Observer

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