Arab Observer monitors the impact of Brotherhood’s media in raging Libyan conflict, supporting terrorism

The Brotherhood’s media system in Libya is on the front lines of aggravating the internal situation and fueling the conflict in the country by broadcasting inflammatory content with foreign funds, these media contents breaks the rules of the profession of journalism and promote the conflict, in addition to the support they provide for terrorism and its various organizations.

Although the media sources of Brotherhood in Libya are many but Arab Observer in this report shows how brotherhood away from professional line.

Free Libya

“Libya Al-Ahrar” channel is currently the most important media source of the Libyan Brotherhood. When it started broadcasting years ago, it represented the current that overthrew the rule of the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, and was led by Mahmoud Shammam, the first Minister of Information in the Libyan government after 2011.

At that time, the channel worked in a balanced line before the Brotherhood revealed their purpose after they ensured high viewing rates for the channel, which at that time achieved a popular base in Libya.

In 2014, the Brotherhood decided to reveal the channel purpose which it was established for, due to the organization’s need to reveal its support for the extremist militias allied with the terrorist organizations “Ansar al-Sharia” and “ISIS.”

This came after the Libyan National Army at the time launched a war to eliminate them in Benghazi, in the east of the country, because that battle was a battle of survival for the organization, and there was no way to follow the methods of indirect media support in their war against the army.

At that time, Mahmoud Shammam was removed and managing the channel were handled the Brotherhood godfather, Ali al-Sallabi, who is classified in the Arab terrorist lists, and is assisted by Suleiman Dogha, a member of the Brotherhood’s media organization, who was previously wanted for his relationship with the so-called “jihad”, one of the terrorist organizations placed on the list of the Internal Security Agency during the ex-Libyan regime’s rule.

Al-Sallabi, with his theorizing depth and Dogh, with his media experience, were able to change the channel’s compass and its orientation 180 degrees in just two weeks, and they were able to manage a highly dangerous media weapon against anyone who violates the Brotherhood’s approach.

The “Libya Al-Ahrar” channel is a real war front opened by the Brotherhood against the stability of Libya. Today, it broadcasts its poison and is a dangerous center for supporting militias, distorting the Libyan army and promoting the Brotherhood’s ideology.

The News

Despite all this, the “Libya Al-Ahrar” channel is less dangerous than Al-Naba”, owned by Abdel Hakim Belhaj.

That channel, which was officially opened in August 2013, has also become classified on the lists of terrorist entities, whether Arab or in Libya, and it was not shy about hosting masked terrorists in public, and became the first line of defense for terrorism in the country.

The channel suspended satellite broadcasting services on February 1, 2019, saying ” it had gone through a financial crisis”, this is not true, as Libyan sources revealed, that “the real reason behind this is the pressure exerted by Arab countries as it’s clear that the channel supports terrorism, it’s against the stability of the Libya.”

Another reason for the closure of the channel, according to the same sources, “It’s an Brotherhood game, to close “Al-Nabaa” channel after it was exposed and open another one with new name, which is Al “Salam” channel with the same crew, as well as the same administration represented by Walid Al-Lafi, the media official for Libyan political Islam.

After the closure of the “Al-Naba” channel, preparations were made for the opening of the “Salam” channel, according to the General Corporation for Radio and Television in the city of Benghazi, eastern Libya, which had previously warned media professionals and journalists against working or dealing with it in areas under the control of the National Army, which fights terrorism and seeks salvation from the Brotherhood organization.

The media organization explained that it prevented Salam TV from “working in the Libyan east because of its anti-Libyan agenda, and its relation with Brotherhood terrorist organization.”

Libya Panorama

Changing “Al-Nabaa” to “Salam” channel was not the first time that exposed Brotherhood organization actions in Libya, as they used to manipulate and jump from channel whose ship sank to another channel in to another channel in another boat, every time they take with them their equipment, their ideology, and their projects, Aggressive, extreme.

Years ago, the Brotherhood movement followed the same path, when the Libyan army launched Operation Dignity in 2014 against terrorist organizations and Brotherhood militias in Benghazi, which was the headquarters of the “Libya Al Hurra” channel, owned by the organization’s member, Saleh Al Majzoub, who was forced to close the channel and leave for Tripoli.

At that time Tripoli was under the control of the Salvation Government led by Omar Al-Hassi, who was installed by the Brotherhood militias after the rejection of the Brotherhood’s organization for their loss at the time in the election of the current parliament and their failure to obtain enough seats to control the country legislatively.

After Al-Mathoub departure with his equipment and his latent beliefs in his mind for the 20 years he spent within the Brotherhood organization in exile in Switzerland, returned after the events of Libya in 2011, and opened the channel there in the Libyan capital under another name, which is “Libya Panorama.”

The old channel, with the new name, also followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, until it also stopped broadcasting a few months ago, while its official page on Facebook has continued to this day broadcasting the Brotherhood’s toxins tirelessly.


There is also “Al-Tanasuh”, a Libyan satellite channel run by Suhail Al-Ghariani, it is one of the arms of Brotherhood Organization, used to mobilize his radical-oriented militia, as it is owned by the isolated Mufti of Terrorism, Sadiq Al-Ghariani, who is called by Libyans “the Mufti of Sedition”, but it is considered a word heard by many of The ideological militias in Libya.

Al-Tanasuh channel specializes in inciting against the national army and legitimate institutions and broadcasting direct fatwas by Gharyani calling for bloodshed.

The Libyans hold that channel responsible for the bloodshed, especially as it incites against the army and against those who violate the Brotherhood’s approach and reject the presence of armed militias, which the channel calls “rebels.”

While the report monitored only media channels affiliated to the Brotherhood, the organization owns many news websites and active pages on social media to spread their poison, adopt their ideology and popularize their ideas.


Arab Observer

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