Babacan And Davutoglu attacks Erdogan Regime

Ali Babacan and Ahmet Davutoglu launched an attack on the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for his recent call to write a new constitution.

The attack came during a joint press conference held by Babacan, head of the Democratic and Progress Party, and Davutoglu, head of the Future Party, after a meeting between them at the latter’s headquarters in the capital, Ankara, according to the website of the opposition newspaper T24, on Monday.

In his statements, Babacan said that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) could not draw up a constitution at any time as it liked.

He also explained that “whoever opposes the ruling party or expresses its opinions and freedoms, is seen as a small minority and is exposed to accusations of terrorism and corruption, which sow the seeds of hatred and ostracism among members of society, so the (Turkish) government must believe in a pluralist democracy

He denounced Erdogan’s previous statements. He claimed that his party is the backbone of politics in Turkey, noting that the Justice and Development have recently become dependent on “the state’s politicization, as even state employees have become affiliated with the party only.”

He stressed that “Turkey suffers from a crisis in the system and the mentality that runs the country, so that mentality and that system must be changed.”

In turn, Ahmet Davutoglu, head of the Turkish opposition Future Party, said, “The new constitution promoted by the regime is a completely tactical constitution, which is an attempt to change the course of events in Turkey.”

He explained that: “The weakness of the system was evident after the Justice and Development Party organization, the campaigns to write the new (Turkish) constitution overnight.”

He explained that Dolat Bahce Lee, the leader of the Turkish National Movement Party, an ally of the Justice and Development, “is trying to draw a new climate for that constitution, but the Turkish opposition does not see any good intentions of the AKP towards this constitution.”

Davutoglu asked, “Why did they suddenly feel that they needed a new constitution?”, And renewed his doubts about the intentions of the regime behind that call.

He also stressed “the need to change the regime and its mentality first,” noting that the opposition’s focus during the coming period will focus on “strengthening the parliamentary system.”

Erdogan’s call


And last Wednesday, Erdogan renewed his call to write a new constitution for his country, despite strong opposition to the move when it was first announced on Monday last week.

In his statements last Wednesday, Erdogan claimed that “the new constitution will be based on historical steps that our country has provided us, including the presidential system in force now.”

He continued his claims, saying: “We have to leave the current constitution, which lost its integrity and internal consistency, due to the many amendments that were made to it, and we are working on drafting a new civil constitution to open new horizons for the country until 2053.”

Erdogan’s call was rejected by the opposition parties, which considered it an attempt by the president to distract public opinion and change the game’s rules in his favor, especially if he targeted articles in the constitution related to the laws on forming parties and establishing alliances.

Before Erdogan’s proposal, meetings began between the CHP, Democracy and Progress, Goodness and Happiness Parties; To discuss “Returning to the Enhanced Parliamentary System.”


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