Bahrain asks its citizens to leave Iran immediately and not to travel there

Bahrain asked its citizens not to travel “permanently and under any circumstances” to Iran because of “widespread unrest and violence” in that country.

The Bahraini Foreign Ministry called on its citizens to leave Iran immediately “with utmost care and caution” and asked them not to travel there “completely and under any circumstances” because of “widespread unrest and violence” in country with the majority of Shiite Muslim.

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The Gulf kingdom has warned its citizens that Iran is “experiencing widespread unrest and unstable security conditions” including “extremely serious violence.”

Shia Muslims, who represent a majority in Bahrain, travel to Iran in general for religious reasons.
Relations between Sunni-dominated Bahrain and Shi’ite Iran are confused by Manama’s accusations that Tehran is interfering in its internal affairs.

Bahrain is the first Gulf Arab country that asked it’s citizen not to travil to Iran, where 12 people have been killed since the beginning of protests on Thursday in the city of Mashhad before moving to other cities and turning into protests against the regime.

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