Convoy of Syrian mercenaries in Sirte area is targeted: Libyan Army

Brigadier Khaled Al Mahjoub, Director of the Moral Guidance Administration in the Libyan Army, announced targeting a convoy of Syrian mercenaries in Sirte area.

Al-Mahjoub said in an interview with Al-Arabiya Friday that those strikes against mercenaries on the outskirts of Sirte resulted in the death of a number of them, and the retreat of others.

 The speaker also stressed that “the Accord militia did not reach the heart of the city at all,” saying: “I am in the center of Sirte and the situation is as you see calm.”

Earlier today, a military source stated that the Libyan the Accord Government militants, under the supervision of Turkish officers, are laying minefields in Sadada, west of Sirte.

Arab Observer

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