Palestinian Resistance Condemns ‘Aqaba’ Meeting in Jordan

The military wings of resistance factions in the Jenin refugee camp have rejected the “Aqaba” meeting, which is set to take place in Jordan on Sunday and will be attended by the US, “Israel,” Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority, and have called on the Palestinian people to condemn it as well.

During a press conference on Saturday, in the Jenin refugee camp, a spokesperson for the resistance groups said that the meeting is not in the interest of the Palestinian people, but rather represents a “free service” to the occupation.

He also stressed that this meeting comes in light of settlements and massacres committed by the occupation against Palestine, aiming to give the occupation opportunities to commit crimes against the people and prisoners, adding that national unity is a priority, before having “security negotiations with the occupation.”

The resistance factions also indicated that the Palestinian Authority and leadership have once again fallen into the American trap, providing free service to the occupation.

The talks will come after 11 Palestinians martyr were killed and many wounded in a gun battle on Wednesday when Israeli troops attacked them in the West Bank city of Nablus.

For its part, Hamas said that it rejects the Palestinian authority’s participation in the Aqaba meeting, which would cover the occupation’s crimes against the Palestinian people, adding that “it must not be dependent on the US and Zionist promises that have been proven to fail.”

Aqaba Summit contradicts Jordanian national interestDespite official Jordanian warnings against the current occupation government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, Jordan is still hosting a five-year security summit in Aqaba to implement the US “Fenzel plan”, with the participation of “Israel,” the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Jordan, under American auspices.

Likewise, the National Forum to Support the Resistance and Protect the Homeland said in a statement that the occupation government is setting its sights on dissolving the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque’s identity and annexing the West Bank. He also considered that it is planning on forcefully deporting Palestinians from their homeland through nationality withdrawal laws, which threaten Jordan existentially, as well as Palestine.

The forum added that the occupation government disregards the official Arab system and considers it a “faith accompli”, and committed the Jenin massacre two days after Netanyahu was received in Amman, and the Nablus massacre two days after the agreement with the Palestinian Authority at the United Nations.

In the same context, the forum called on the Jordanian leadership to reconsider all of its political options regarding the issue of Palestine, noting that the resistance was and will remain the only possible and feasible option in confronting the Israeli occupation.

As for the Islamic Action Front party, it believed that hosting the security meeting contradicts Jordan’s official statements and warnings against the dangers of the occupation government and its projects that target Jordanian national security.

The party also stressed the need for Jordan’s official statements to be in sync with the people’s position to cut off all forms of normalization with the occupation and to support the steadfastness and resistance of the Palestinian people, “in a way that strengthens Jordan to face the Zionist project.”

Israeli media: Washington pushed for holding the summit as an attempt for calm
According to Israeli media, this summit aims to continue and consolidate the agreements reached between “Israel” and the Palestinian Authority a few days ago, within the framework of postponing the UNSC vote on condemning Israeli settlement expansion.

Israeli website “Walla!” explained that the US administration pushed for holding the summit as part of “an attempt to reach a state of calm before the upcoming month of Ramadan, out of fear of large-scale violent confrontations in the West Bank.”

The website indicated that the US President’s Senior Advisor for Middle East Affairs, Brett McGurk, and US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Barbara Leaf are expected to attend the meeting.

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