Corruption Scandal Is Edging Near prominent leader in Erdogan’s party

An audio recording revealed corruption and bribery of executives in Erdogan’s ruling party related to municipal tenders overthrew the regional head of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Hakkari state, and sparked widespread controversy in the Turkish street.

This prompted the resignation of the regional head of the AKP in Hakkari state, Amarullah Gur, who allegedly received bribes in exchange for suspicious bids and tenders, facilitated and passed them.

In two separate audio recordings belonging to Mustafa Jan, principal of Yuksekova Imam Al-Khatib Secondary School, said that some people, including the head of Hakkari district of the ruling Justice and Development Party, Amarullah Gur and businessman N.S., were involved in it, and the situation in question was on the agenda after Gore’s complaint with the AKP about the people who broadcast the audio.

Amarullah Gur, resigned from his post, claiming that his resignation was due to the holding of the seventh regular conference of the party.

The audio, released by Mesopotamia Agency, revealed suspicious bribery, fraud and deal-making by the AKP president and other officials in Hakkari.

The recording states that, speaking of the tender that Gore from the AKP claimed he had subsequently canceled, Jan said, “They put out a tender last Monday. They gave it to someone who is Reza Farley. 27 million Turkish liras .. Amr Allah (Regional President of the Justice and Development Party) is a flag. It cancels the bid immediately. Quarreling about it here now. Trust what he wants from us. For example, the man says it openly. Well I don’t work with them, but take care of me. I am close (he speaks Kurdish) I am close to them (I speak Kurdish) otherwise they will paint directly.

Speaking of the transfer tender, Can states that businessman NS has paid a bribe ranging between 300,000 and 400,000 TL for a tender. “He called me,” he said. Mohsen is no stranger. (Mohsen replies: No) because NS came to me. Last year, NS gave her 300-400 billion, he came to Wan and presented this money. Help me, help me. (He says it in Kurdish) But this time, you will also think of me. NS came, after all, the guy feeding me. Then you too, take care of me support me. For example, now I’m atallah, struggled, I won. Why is Fatih on our head? District Head? Because there is no one. When we were together, did we pull any one out?

In another audio recording purporting to belong to Jan, Amarullah Gur was reportedly to be bribed from the AKP. Regarding this situation, could he say the following: “Ilhan the teacher, I told you that we must give money to the Cause of God before. Otherwise, why would the man work with us. How often will you use my name for God’s command. Say my brother ”to“ Hakkari ”,“ Do not use my name. ”When we talked about the circumstances, there is the Great Mosque. You came here to override something big. I pressed the man, the man said, “Okay Mustafa, I support you.

Acknowledging that a bribe will also be offered to the potential new National Education Directorate, Jean said, “Tomorrow the next day, for example, I will sacrifice a certain amount of money even if someone plays for the National Education Directorate. No one should regret (not understand) if they want to do it, do I?

Noting that he got paid for 20 tons of charcoal that was sent to some schools, he continues: “The coal issue, for example, can you think of my boss, coal is too little for us. I went to talk to Ilhan. Ilhan said 20 tons was okay? He said: He said, enough, 20 tons is enough for us, do not bring 20 tons.


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