Dahlan calls on Palestinian factions for rebuilding political system

The leader of the Democratic Reformists within Fatah Movement (DRFM), Deputy Mohamed Dahlan, is a guest on Al-Ghad screen, Saturday night, where he talks about ways to meet current challenges and the importance of Palestinian elections, he also called for a political partnership and consensus, Dahlan stressed during the interview of the importance to represent Palestinian demands to the international community, and for Arab countries to provide material and moral support to the Palestinians.

Dahlan presented his opinion to face the current challenges and to rebuilt the Palestinian political system through legislative and presidential elections.

He added “there have been strenuous efforts in recent years to break down Fatah movement, pointing that this year elections will be different from those of 2006.

He affirmed that the multiplicity of Fatah lists provides a solution to the accumulation of generations in Fatah movement, these elections come in light of the retreat of Palestinian case and the absence of national development plans or policies.

He added “Israel is using the division for further settlement in the West Bank, noting that there is a loss of hope among the Palestinians; this elections could be an opportunity to bring hope among the people. Palestinian leadership, and that the Palestinian leadership is part of this tragedy, without underestimating the power of the occupation against the Palestinian people.

Dahlan continued nothing is impossible and it all depends on building the future, and that the political system is in a state of collapse.

Dahlan claimed that all attempts at national unity between Abbas and Hamas had failed, explaining that through a unified political program we could face Israel, elections is the gateway to hope to reorganize the internal situation in order to face Israeli projects.

He stressed that no one among the Palestinian people accepts elections without Jerusalem, because these elections will revive Jerusalem case, “We do not wait for Israel’s approval and we have the ability to force Israel to hold elections in Jerusalem, also this strengthens Jerusalem’s status in the international situation and brings the negotiations back to life.

About the future list, Dahlan said: “I see a future for the Palestinian people, the list of the future includes a variety of national skills, some of them have spent years of their life in prisons, and it also includes young people, professionals and journalists.

I am very satisfied with the Future list in order to create a positive balance between the generations, we cannot create a future without young people, or to built society without women.

Dahlan affirmed that the elections should be linked only to the interests of the Palestinian people, and US administration, European Union or Israel have nothing to do with our internal interests, stressing that Israel is the only one affected by the Palestinian elections.

He pointed that the reform stream has worked for the past few years to support the Palestinian people, and we have not surrendered to the problems, and the stream will be of great importance in the future despite the difficulties we faced during the previous period, and access to parliament is not an objective but rather a means of bringing about a radical and comprehensive change in the Palestinian political regime.

Dahlan said: “We are going to the elections with a detailed and comprehensive plan, and to rebuilt the Palestinian political system by restoring the mainstreaming of Palestinian politics in the international community”.

He added: We have 120,000 members of the democratic reform stream in Gaza Strip alone, and we will reform Fatah to include all Palestinians, the “Future” list has no personal interests.”

Palestinian elections are likely to begin on 22 May, followed by a presidential election in July.

This comes as Palestinian factions refuse to postpone elections, under the pretext of Jerusalem, while others argue that all forms of relations with Israel should cease if they refuse to allow elections to take place in Jerusalem.

It is noted that a number of candidate lists for elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council have called for them to be involved in any dialogue regarding the elections, especially after there has been much talk about the likelihood that the elections will be postponed.


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