Day 123: 27,585 Martyred, 66,978 Injured

In 123 days of 'Israel's' genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, 27,585 Palestinians have been martyred and 66,978 injured, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

The Gaza Ministry of Health announced today that since October 7, 2023, the death toll in the Gaza Strip has reached 27,585 martyrs while the number of injured has climbed to 66,978. Tragically, there are still thousands of bodies trapped beneath the rubble and stranded on the desolate streets. The desperate cries for help of dozens each day go unanswered as the continuous bombardment and destruction of ambulances and rescue equipment in the early days of the way has obstructed the lifesaving arrival of ambulances and civil defense teams. Between the 122nd and the 123rd day of the genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation committed 12 massacres against families in the Strip, killing 107 and injuring 143 Palestinians.

PRCS: around 8,000 Palestinians evacuated from its headquarters

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society revealed yesterday that some 8,000 displaced Palestinians were evacuated from the Al-Amal hospital and the PRCS’s headquarters in Khan Younis.  “Today, approximately 8,000 displaced individuals were evacuated from Al-Amal Hospital and the PRCS’s headquarters in #KhanYunis. Only forty elderly displaced individuals and around 80 patients and wounded, and a hundred administrative and medical staff remain,” the PRCS posted on X.

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