Day 126: 27,947 Palestinians Martyred, 67,459 Injured

Israeli occupation forces have committed 13 massacres in the past 24 hours, murdering 107 Palestinians and injuring 142 others.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has revealed that the number of martyred Palestinians since October 7 has risen to 27,947 while 67,459 others have been injured. 

Israeli occupation forces committed 13 massacres in the past 24 hours against families in Gaza resulting in the martyrdom of 107 Palestinians and injury of 142 others.

The ministry also added that several victims are still under the rubble, as the IOF is perpetually preventing ambulances and civil defense crews from reaching them.  

Palestinians start every dawn with Israeli bombs 

Israeli occupation aircraft launched raids on Rafah, south of Gaza, this morning, murdering eight Palestinians, at least three of whom are children, and injuring others.

In the town of al-Zawayda, IOF raided a kindergarten-turned-shelter, murdering at least four and injuring others, according to medical sources, with the injured being taken to Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah.

As a result of the IOF bombing houses and residential apartments in Rafah, demolishing them with Palestinians still inside, five members of the Al-Sayyid family and three others of the Al-Nahhal family were martyred. 

Due to the continuous Israeli bombing of Deir al-Balah, a Palestinian was also martyred and others were injured. 

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