Day 129: 28,340 Martyrs And 67,984 Injured in Gaza

The Ministry of Health in Gaza revealed the new death toll in the Gaza Strip, adding that hundreds of victims remain under the rubble.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that Israeli occupation forces committed 19 massacres during the past 24 hours, killing 164 Palestinians and injuring 200, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli aggression on Gaza to 28,340, in addition to 67,984 injuries.

The Ministry further stressed that many victims remain under the rubble as the IOF prevent ambulance and civil defense crews from reaching them.

Earlier today, our correspondent reported that Israeli occupation forces committed a massacre in Rafah early this morning, with most of the victims being children and women.

Our correspondent said that Israeli occupation warplanes launched more than 50 airstrikes on Rafah, noting that the occupation forces used internationally prohibited incendiary missiles in its airstrikes.

Palestinian medical sources said that at least 100 people were martyred and more than 230 were wounded in heavy Israeli strikes on the city of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip.

The Government Media Office in Gaza reported on Sunday that the Israeli occupation military engaged in incitement to continue the assassination of Palestinian journalists and attempting to justify its crimes.

It pointed out that “this has been repeated dozens of times since the start of the genocidal war.”

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