Day 190: 33,686 Martyrs, 76,309 Injured

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said that many Palestinians remain trapped beneath the rubble as rescue teams struggle to reach them due to lack of equipment and "Israel" blocking roads.

Amid the ongoing Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people besieged in Gaza, “Israel” continues to ruthlessly mass-target civilians, committing five heinous massacres within the past 24 hours as the war on the Strip reaches its 190-day mark.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza announced that, between Friday and Saturday, the Israeli occupation killed 52 Palestinians and injured 95, raising the total of Palestinian martyrs since last October to 33,686 and injured to 76,309.

Many remain trapped beneath the rubble, as rescue teams struggle to reach them due to a lack of equipment and Israeli forces blocking roads, the ministry said.

Earlier today, Israeli war jets conducted massive airstrikes on the Central Governorate, targeting the al-Zaytoun and al-Daraj neighborhoods in Gaza City, as well as the al-Fokhari area southeast of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. Additionally, occupation artillery shelled the eastern parts of Jabalia in the north of Nuseirat in the central Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, two Palestinians from the town of Beit Hanoun were killed in an airstrike targeting the vicinity of the residential city of Sheikh Zayed in northern Gaza.

The spokesperson for Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas called on Friday through Al Mayadeen on masses in the Arab and Islamic nations, as well as the free people of the world, “to organize marches and continue demonstrations in support of our Palestinian people and to exert pressure to stop the ferocious war against [them].”

Abdul Latif al-Qanou emphasized the importance of maintaining nonstop demonstrations across the world and “expanding the scope of support and solidarity” to end the brutal war on the Strip.

He also praised and saluted supporting Resistance fronts that are fighting alongside the Resistance in Gaza and affirming its right to defend itself and determine its destiny.

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