Dmitry Peskov: NATO countries showing united front as Russia’s adversaries

The North Atlantic Alliance has de facto transformed into a participant in the Ukrainian conflict and is acting as Russia’s adversary rather than a maneuver enemy, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“NATO countries are effectively showing a united front not as our maneuver enemies, but as adversaries. Their intel has been working against us round the clock, while their weapons, as [Russian President Vladimir] Putin said in a recent interview, are being supplied to Ukraine for free to shoot at our military,” Peskov told Izvestia.

Meanwhile, the US, England and France are members of the same organization that has been “de facto waging a war” against Russia and is directly involved in the armed confrontation, given weapons supplies to Ukraine, Peskov underscored.

Commenting on Putin’s decision to halt New START, Peskov said the treaty remained the only “more or less living” document in the sphere of arms control and strategic security. However, he recalled, the nuclear arsenals of France and the United Kingdom which cannot match the nuke power of Russia and the United States, “but are quite significant for the entire system of European strategic security,” had been left out of the treaty.

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