Egypt: Death Sentences, Life Sentences for 21 Brotherhood Members

The Criminal Court and the Supreme State Security in Egypt sentenced three members of the Brotherhood to death, and sentenced 20 members of the organization to life imprisonment, after convicting them in 18 cases.

The verdict came after the accused were accused of attempting to assassinate Counselor Tariq Abu Zeid, head of the Fayoum Criminal Court – at that time – and assassinating secretaries and police personnel, shooting at police installations, preparing and planting explosive devices and explosives in vital areas, and spreading terror and confusion among citizens, to spread a state of terrorism and chaos in the country. to bring down state institutions.

All of them were convicted in 18 cases that took place between the end of 2014 and the first months of 2015, as the leaders of the Brotherhood revived the organization’s secret apparatus under the name of “Qualitative Operations Committees”, and entrusted it with carrying out the assassinations and hostilities against violators of the organization’s directives from public figures.

The court sentenced to death Muhammad Abdullah Khamis Idris, nicknamed “Samaka,” 32, a driver, Muhammad Saleh Riyad, nicknamed “Abu Sana,” 25, a former ceramic factory employee, and Halil Abdullah Ali Raheel, 30, a worker.

And workers in the armed forces, the Ministry of Interior, and the judiciary, are taking advantage of the organization’s elements to implement their plans, which are divided in the form of “cluster cells” through some names of movements bearing the character of secrecy due to the difficulty of revealing their members, orientations and affiliations.

The members of the organization monitored officers and members of the police, the armed forces, and the judiciary, determining their residences, their movements, and the cars they use in their movements, as well as monitoring some police and public facilities, and carrying out hostile acts against them.


Arab Observer

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