Egypt to Cut Ties with ‘Israel’ if it Forces Palestinians Into Sinai

Israel Hayom reveals that Egyptian officials delivered stern threats to the Israeli political-security elite, regarding the forced displacement of Palestinians.

Cairo has threatened to suspend or cancel its normalization agreement with “Israel” if the latter forcibly displaces a single Palestinian to Egypt’s Sinai to the south of the Gaza Strip, unnamed Egyptian sources told Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom.

According to the Israeli newspaper, these threats were conveyed in a series of contacts between senior Egyptian and Israeli officials and were later communicated to the “entire political-security elite in Israel.”

The first unnamed official told Israel Hayom that “if one Palestinian refugee passes (to Egyptian territory), the peace agreement (between the two governments) will be canceled.”

Another source did not mention the cancelation of the agreement, but the source did say that Cairo would “suspend” the agreement under the same circumstances.

‘Israel’s’ plot to ethnically cleanse Palestine

Soon after “Israel” launched its war on Gaza, a plot to forcibly displace Palestinians in the territory southward began to materialize. Under the guise of it being a “safety measure”, the Israeli military command ordered Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip to move southward, saying that southern areas in the Gaza Strip would be “safe”.

However, contradicting these statements, the occupation’s military attacked convoys of forcibly displaced people and launched artillery shells and strikes on the designated areas to eventually launch a wide-scale invasion of the southern Gaza Strip on December 1, 2023.

Thousands of Palestinians have been pushed toward the Palestinian-Egyptian border to the south where temporary structures have been erected to shelter entire families.

This comes as Israeli political parties have even launched a recent conference, discussing the re-settlement of the Gaza Strip, while multiple statements by Israeli officials and leaks by Israeli officials confirm the continued expansionist plots of the Israeli occupation.

Egypt angered

Such actions have reportedly angered Egyptian officials, who communicated the aforementioned threats “with a mixture of anger and concern.”

Cairo has stated that it is not ready to take in hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees, saying their displacement will mark an end to the Palestinian cause.

These Palestinians will become “a permanent Egyptian problem,” according to an Egyptian official, as cited by Israel Hayom.

Israeli plans to occupy the Philadelphi Axis, seen in the photo below, have also stirred up concern among Egyptian officials. The Axis is the strip of land inside the Palestinian side of the Palestinian-Egyptian border, which extends from the Israeli-controlled Karam Abu Salem crossing to the Mediterranean Sea.

“Israel” had maintained a large military presence in this region until it was forced to withdraw from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

Essentially, Israeli authorities seek to completely isolate the Gaza Strip from the rest of the world, by deploying forces in the only terrain linking the Palestinian territory to another country. Adding to a strict siege that has cut off all goods from the Gaza Strip since October 7, excluding a measly amount of aid entering through the Rafah border crossing, the occupation’s top officials want to cut off any supplies from entering the Strip.

A possible takeover of the Axis by the Israeli occupation has been met with “firm opposition” from the Egyptian side. Direct military control would advance “Israel’s” ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, as it would award their military command complete control over every crossing in and out of the Gaza Strip.

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