Ennahda Secretary General Ziad Athari resigns from all leading positions in Ennahda movement

Ennahda Secretary General Ziad Athari resigns over resignationfrom all leading positions in Ennahda movement.
Tunisia’s resigning Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation Ziad Athari announced on Thursday his resignation from all leading positions in the Ennahda movement.

On his official Facebook page, Al-Athari shared a clarification that he decided to relinquish all his responsibilities within the Ennahda party, noting that since the beginning of the last week, he has submitted his resignation from the party’s general secretariat and the executive office.

He added that he informed him that he was not interested in any future plan in the leadership of the party or the bloc or any responsibility in the next government.

Ziad al-Athari’s Facebook post said: “Clarification, according to some media sites, I would like to clarify that I have decided to relinquish all my responsibilities within the Ennahda party. I have therefore asked the president of the movement since the beginning of the last week to accept my request and submit it to him.” I resigned from the General Secretariat of the Party and the Executive Office. “

He added: “I also informed him that I am not interested in any future plan in the leadership of the party or the bloc or any responsibility in the next government.”

Ziad al-Athari said in his statement:


“The decision was not easy, but after careful reflection, this time I am obliged to give up all partisan or governmental responsibility, because I am totally uncomfortable with the path taken by the country some time ago, especially a number of major decisions of the party recently, since I unfortunately did not succeed. In persuading the party’s institutions on issues that I consider fateful and at a pivotal moment to avoid options that I do not see (simple discretion) good for the country, I was also not convinced by the choices taken by the institutions of the party (the last file was the formation of the next government). That they expressed in the last elections – I feel as if we are recovering the same mistakes of the past. I still believe that the next government may be the last chance for the country, we have no margin of error.

He added: “I also and still believe that the next government should be a government of reform and achievement in which we preach from the mistakes of the past, where there is no quota or hobby and has a thorough knowledge of the files and the challenges and priorities of the country to work directly to work to achieve tangible results as quickly as possible.”

He continued: “I have clearly expressed my position to the President of the Movement and in the recent meetings of the Executive Office and the Consultative Council: I felt that the acquisition of Ennahdha presidency of the parliament requires to go in the government to an independent openness recognized for the highest degree of efficiency and integrity and boldness assured and gathered the widest range of Tunisians and be able We have respected the resolution and we have set it out of respect for the institutions and the traditions of collective action, but in the end I am personally incapable of continuing along the path (I personally see) that puts us today and puts the country on a railroad. M “We are not aware of the repercussions and the cost to the country.”

He continued: “I have always been committed and disciplined to the party’s options, no matter how different it may be (this has happened many times and I have expressed my opinion within the party’s institutions freely) because I believe that teamwork is based on solidarity and discipline, and I do not want to bid on party members or others. But in the end I find myself personally incapable of pursuing any partisan or government plan in such circumstances, yet I hope that we will succeed as Tunisians in remedying this matter and overcome all the spirit of responsibility away from small calculations. And narrow interests, especially given the accuracy of the stage The size of the challenges. “

Ziad Athari concluded his statement by saying: “I once again thank the President of the Movement for his confidence throughout all these years. I had the privilege of working closely with him and learned a lot from him, and I wish him and all who worked with them in the leadership of the party every success for the good of Tunisia. I do my best to preserve the trust of the voters and the secretariat of the commission as a member of the People’s Congress, if I fail to do so I will return the secretariat to the owners. “

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