Erdogan’s Terrorist Confederation : Special report

Erdogan and his relations with Al Qaeda organization  and its former leader Osama bin Laden, then the Al-Nusra Front, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, enough to expose the appetite of the Turkish president in sucking the blood of neighboring countries and beyond.


Looking back in time, specifically in August 2018, the full scenario of the Turkish regime’s plan to build bridges of communication with Osama bin Laden is clear, when he started his journey more than 40 years ago and met with a number of leaders of the Erbakan Party, in which Erdogan grew up.


In 1976, bin Laden crossed the Syrian lands to Turkey, where he began an early relationship with the political currents in Ankara, when he met the leaders of the Erbakan Party, which Erdogan is one of the sides of the second generation of his followers.


This information was revealed by the documents about “Abbottabad” America, which included 470 thousand files that include documents and video clips stored in more than 5 computers, and dozens of hard drives that were found in bin Laden’s hideout after his death.


When bin Laden started his visit to Turkey, Erdogan was head of the youth safety committees of the National Safety Party in Beyoglu , and in the same year he took over the leadership of the party’s youth committees for the entire city of Istanbul.


Bin Laden says that during that visit he was 19 years old, and he met with a number of National Safety Party officials who described him as the Erbakan Party in a city he didn’t mention.


It is true that the leader of al-Qaeda did not provide details about the identity of the people he met and the purpose of the visit and its results, and whether Erdogan had met him during that period or not, but the Turkish newspaper “Al-Zaman” talked about Erdogan that he named his nephew “Osama”  son of   Mustafa” his brother” , who was born on September 5, 1995 in Istanbul’s Askudar.


erdogan 2
erdogan 2

Erdogan sitting on his knees next to bin Laden’s aide (Gulbuddin Hekmatyar)

The reason of the American documents called as “Abbottabad” is attributed to the location where bin Laden was killed, where the American army, under the supervision of the CIA, carried out the operation on Monday, May 2, 2011, in an area 120 kilometers from Islamabad, the Pakistani capital.


Along the border strip between Syria and Turkey, Erdogan has taken advantage of the weakness situation in the southern neighborhood of his country, to begin to pump Al-Nusra Front militants affiliated to Al-Qaeda to Idlib and other Syrian locations.


Since the beginning of the conflicts in Syria in 2011, Turkey has rushed to support the Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Branch) and Ahrar Al-Sham coalition, while Turkish officials have admitted providing logistical and intelligence support to this alliance’s command center, which was published by the British newspaper The Independent in 2014.


And Al-Nusra tried to change its policy, after classifying it as a terrorist at the international law, and it called itself the “Fatah Al-Sham Front”, to start a new relations and communication between it and the Erdogan regime.


Perhaps the biggest achievement of “Fatah al-Sham” for Erdogan was the handing over of key points to Turkey under the control of the first in Aleppo, in addition passing of dozens of vehicles belonging to the Turkish army and spread in Idlib.


In late November 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin directly accused Ankara of aiding the terrorist organization ISIS and al-Qaeda, by using Turkish land to transport weapons to these extremist groups.


The American magazine “Foreign Policy”, accused Erdogan regime of harboring extremists, in a report in April 2018, in which it confirmed that in 2013, 30,000 armed men crossed Turkish territory to Syria in what is known as the “jihadist highway.”


The American magazine did not stop with this; rather, it indicated that wounded of ISIS members were treated free of charge in hospitals in southeastern Turkey.


With regard to the Libyan file, it is no secret to its followers how Turkish cities have become a safe place for terrorist leaders in the world, especially Libya, to incite through their media platforms and satellite channels against the Libyan National Army.


On top of this support is the full Turkish support for Abd al-Hakim Belhag, leader of the Libyan group, Ali al-Salabi, representative of the al-Qaradawi Scholars Union in Libya and “Mufti of Terrorism” Sadiq al-Ghayrani.


Erdogan with a number of symbols of terrorism

And broadcast from Turkey several channels calling for terrorism, especially “Altnasah” channel,” Liberal Libya “,” “AL-Naba’a” and channels support terrorism belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood in the world, such as “the East” and “Mukmilin” and others.


In a report dated February 23, 2015, the United Nations Committee of Experts recognized Turkey’s support for terrorism in Libya, especially the “Dawn Libya” coup militias, noting that Turkey supplied terrorists with weapons through air and sea ports.


Turkey tried to transfer weapons to terrorists in Libya on December 17, 2018, but the security services at Al-Khums sea port managed to seize the arms deal before smuggling it to the militias, in what was known as the “death ship.”


At the time, the Ankara arms deal included 3,000 9mm pistols, 120 Brita pistols, 400 rifles and 4.3 million bullets, all of which are Turkish-made.


Two months before this deal, specifically in February 2019, the Libyan army had succeeded in seizing a similar arms shipment at the same port to smuggle armored vehicles and SUVs.


According to a report published by the American Monitor website last May, Turkey is mired to its ears in supporting terrorism in Libya.


And following the geographic line of the attacks by “Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb” and its branch “Ansar al-Sharia” in Libya, since 2011, it will come effortlessly that the terrorist organization is interested  not to target the western region, specifically Tripoli and its surroundings, the place of the Turkish-backed by Brotherhood government.


And last July, a report published by the Swedish European “Nordic Monitor” revealed that Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government was providing protection to local companies involved in arms smuggling to Libya.


A limited geographical map in which the organization moves reveals the game leads in a country that has become a battleground, and a cake that the Brotherhood militia seeks to share with Turkey and Qatar, especially as the organization cooperates with the “defense companies of Benghazi” led by Abdul Rahman Al Gharyani, and he is a dangerous terrorist supported by Qatar.


The report didn’t stop to that limit also dealt by Libyan newspapers, but rather indicated that the Security Council team of experts confirmed that Turkey sent a shipment of weapons to an al-Qaeda linked group in Benghazi in 2017, which explains the balances on the ground.


In various reports, European newspapers have revealed the concern of 11 countries in the old continent about the growing spread of the Turkish extremist organization Milli Görüs (National Vision), after the organizations of the Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime have become more influential and a hand of extremism and espionage in Europe.


In a previous study, published by the American Hudson Institute for Studies (non-governmental), researcher philhelber stressed that the organization is the most influential extremist organization in Germany, and one of the most important organizations active in the Turkish diaspora in Europe.


In general, the organization has 87 thousand members in Europe, including 30 thousand in Germany alone, while attending classes in mosques and its institutions 300 thousand people per week.


The “Milli Gourosh” has expanded greatly and disturbingly in Europe during the past four years, as the number of mosques under its rule in Europe increased from 510 to 650, in addition to tow thousand cultural, youth and women’s centers, according to a report of the Austrian newspaper “Die Presse”.


In Germany, the organization operates with its original name, “Milli Görüs”, and has at least 323 mosques nationwide, in addition to hundreds of cultural and youth centers.


In Austria, the movement is active under the name “Islamic Union”, and it owns 22 mosques in the country, 40 educational and cultural institutions, and 12,000 members, while the Union’s lessons will be attended by some 20,000 people on Fridays, according to the official Austrian News Agency.


The Turkish organization focuses on clearly integrating into European societies, as a cover for its real actions and goals.


To counter the threat of “Milli Görüs”, the Austrian parliament issued a recommendation to the government to ban it in Austria in late September.


The Austrian newspaper “Austraish” said: “The list now” and the two parties of the People’s Party (the majority) and freedom, succeeded during the parliament session on September 26 last year, in passing a recommendation to the government to ban “Milli Grosh” associated which is connected with the Brotherhood organization.


According to the report, the recommendation requires the government to examine and monitor all organizations affiliated with “Milli Görüs ” in Austria.


In several states, most notably Bavaria (south), the German constitutional protection body, Milli Görüs, is subject to its control.


The Constitutional Protection Authority is usually subject to organizations and individuals who pose a major threat to democracy and aim to undermine the political system for its oversight.

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