Exposing Brotherhood movements in Turkey to target Egypt’s security

One of the conflicting currents in the Brotherhood’s organization, called “Change Movement”, called for a general conference to be held next Saturday under the slogan “At the time of the martyr”, to announce itself and issue what is known as the political document, and adopt an agenda, moves targeting the security and stability of Egypt, according to a leaked document from this current.

The leaked document revealed special details about the movements of the “Change Movement” within the organization, which is the third front in the Brotherhood’s organization added to the next terrorist organization’s plans.

Actions against the security of Egypt
It seems that the so-called “Kamali movement” – which leads a third line, opposing the two warring fronts of London and Istanbul – is entering a new phase of movement, directed against the security of Egypt, and taking over the leadership of the Brotherhood organization, as a way to revive an agenda that was disrupted by the fronts of Ibrahim Munir and Mahmoud Hussein.

The sources say that the “Kamali movement”, one of the followers of the late Brotherhood leader Muhammad Kamal, is seeking, among other attempts, to enter the Brotherhood’s scene, by activating the third line, known as the “Change Movement”.

The upcoming conference, according to an invitation addressed to the media, aims to announce the launch of a new “political document” that establishes the “Change Movement – the General Office,” as part of a coup that increases the state of fragmentation within the organization.

The new leaders
The new third front is led by Brotherhood leaders, including Nazih Ali, head of Roaia Foundation, and Muhammad Montaser, the former official spokesman for the Brotherhood.

The sources indicate that discussions are underway for the rapprochement of the “Kemalists” with the London Front led by Ibrahim Munir, but the “Change Movement”‘s request for positions and participation in the leadership has hindered the understanding so far.

Among the expected attendees of the conference, prominent figures in the Brotherhood’s organization, such as: Reda Fahmy, head of the National Security Committee of the Shura Council during the reign of Mohamed Morsi, Abdel Ghaffar Salehin, and preacher Gamal Abdel Sattar.

Members of the new current are seeking to persuade other leaders to join the “third line,” such as Issam Talima, Amr Darraj, and Yahya Hamed. The three did not specify their position on attending the conference.

According to the leaked document, which is expected to be issued by the conference, the most prominent of which is the announcement of political positions taken by the so-called “public office,” in which the “current” differentiates from the two fronts of the Brotherhood.

One of the most important points of the leaked document, which consists of six chapters, is the current’s vision of the political and intellectual path of the Brotherhood, the Palestinian cause and the “Arab revolutions,” stressing the refusal to deal with the Egyptian state, which is the opposite of the choice of the other two fronts, which have now accepted dialogue.


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