Financial corruption in Turkish Regime is Advancing Again in the Foreground

The problem of government financial corruption in Turkey is back in came to the fore after die Security agencies signs that read “Where are die 128 billion US dollars? ”Removed from the streets.

This amount is accused die main opposition party (die “Republican People’s Party”) Berat Albayrak, son-in-law of Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, and his former finance minister wasted him during his tenure, die he held for years before his resignation last November.


According to the same sources can die Action will be decided in favor of the party, die to the President in opposes Turkey because it is not possible die To confirm existence of the amount, Erdogan’s son-in-law of waste in Turkey is accused of state assets. The “CHP” lawyers succeeded in solving a number of similar cases in favor of party chairman Kemal Kılıçdarolu last year.


Republican People’s Party sources told known that die Party lawyers Mudanya Municipality officials, die affiliated with the city of Bursa, after a prosecutor accused them of insulting the country’s president for their publication of the boards on which they wrote, “Where are.” die $ 128 billion and $ 250 million? “

Another source in the main opposition party stressed that “die Turkish government is afraid to raise the problem of financial corruption because of it die recently withdrawn popular base of the ruling party, “declaring that” there is an economic crisis in the country and “clashing with the speech of billions, die disappeared can mean that more potential voters are lost. “


The Turkish opposition leader Erdogan and his son-in-law are accused of wasting huge sums of money during his multi-year tenure as finance minister.


The chairman of the “Republican People’s Party” previously called on the Turkish President and his son-in-law Al-Bayrak to uncover the fate of billions of dollars, die had disappeared from the treasury. In more than one television interview, Kılıçdarolu said, “If this amount is already in the treasury, why is it not announced? “

Kılıçdarolu criticized last Wednesday in an exclusive interview with Al die The Turkish President’s policy was sharp, saying his rule was “tyrannical” and “not pro-democracy”.

He also stressed die Need that die Turkey die Getting rid of authority from “one man” and “the only decision maker”.

He also said that “die Turkey’s slow economic performance is mainly due to economic and financial mismanagement as there is no rational and logical monetary or fiscal policy because the decision-maker is different, “said the Turkish President.

He added: “Turkey needs structural economic reforms, but this cannot be achieved under the current rule since die Autocrats die Can not assimilate democracy “and stressed that Erdogan-led government has lost confidence internally and externally “.


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