Fire Rages on in Israeli Settlements in Occupied North

Israeli firefighters continue to battle fires that are encircling several settlements in the north including Kiryat Shmona

Fires continue to rage on in several sites across Israeli-occupied northern territories following an intense day of confrontations. 

Large numbers of firefighters were called to the scenes of the fires, which spread to northern parts of Kiryat Shmona, burning dangerously close to housing units. 

The Israeli news website Ynet reported on the unfolding events that have forced authorities to evacuate to settlements in al-Jalil Pandhanle, including the largest settlement in the area, Kiryat Shmona. 

Residents in the settlement and Margaliot were told to evacuate as the uncontrollable blazes rapidly spread across the wilderness. Local authorities in Kiryat Shmona are visiting settlers “house-by-house” ordering occupiers to evacuate. 

At around 8:00 pm (local time) authorities informed the media outlets that the fire had spread to the northern part of the occupation city of Kiryat Shmona, while fire crews and settlers fought the high flames encircling the settlement. 

In the occupied Golan and al-Jalil, 15 fire hotspots have been reported, as enduring blazes spurred by particularly high temperatures continue to plague colonial outposts. 

In Ami’ad to the south of Safad, a fire also erupted near a mine. 

As a result of the raging fires, Israeli authorities blocked the main road linking the north to the rest of the Israeli-occupied territories. 

Fires were also recorded in Metulla, Kfar Giladi, Keren Naftali, Elifelt, Mavo Hama, Netor, Tel Saki, and Shlomi in Western al-Jalil. In Kfar Giladi, a member of the local council complained about the situation, saying “We are here alone, the fire has taken hold of the kibbutz’s avocado orchard and is threatening to burn down the hotel.”

Rift grows between Israeli local authorities, central government 

The evergrowing rift between the heads of the northern Israeli settlements and Israeli leaders is still worsening, especially in light of the fires that have ravaged northern occupied Palestine after heavy bombardment from the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon.

According to Rubi Hammerschlag, a KAN correspondent in the north, there is a “very severe crisis between local authority leaders and officials, whether in the Northern Command or among decision-makers in the Ministry of Security,” noting that “there is a very large rift.”

“We are enveloped in a dense cloud of smoke following the rocket strikes yesterday in the Ramim Ridge. The entire Naftali Forest has been set ablaze,” Hammerschlag said of the ongoing fires in the north.

This situation has exacerbated the existing tensions between regional leaders and defense officials, complicating efforts to manage the crisis and protect the affected communities.

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