FM Shoukry: Egypt is ready to work with all parties to find “Solution to Sudanese Crisis”

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has stressed that the initiative of the neighbouring countries of Sudan is a proof of unity, sincerity of intentions, and serious political will to help Sudan get out of its depression and put an end to this devastating war.

This came in Shoukry’s speech at the first meeting of the ministerial mechanism emanating from the summit of Sudan’s neighbouring countries in the Chadian capital N’djamena on Monday.

“The meeting of the ministerial mechanism of the neighbouring countries of Sudan In “N’djamena is awaited by millions of Sudanese people who are moaning and trembling in panic every day under the sound of machine guns  in various parts of Sudan,” Shoukry added.

The foreign minister said that the N’djamena meeting comes to translate the decisions of the Cairo summit of the neighbouring countries of Sudan on 13 July into an executive vision and coordinated steps that contribute to addressing the causes of the current crisis in order to preserve the blood of the brotherly Sudanese people, and to preserve the unity and cohesion of the state and its institutions and to reduce the negative repercussions of this crisis on neighbouring countries.

He added that the Sudanese people was never a party to this internecine war and was not even one of its causes, and millions of Sudanese people at home and the millions who were displaced fleeing the scourge of war to neighbouring countries and all hope that the lifeline will be in the hands of the initiative of Sudan’s neighbouring countries.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the scale of the humanitarian suffering of the Sudanese people is increasing day by day, amid an unprecedented shortage of food, medicine and the necessary requirements of life.

In addition, there is complete uncertainty in the course of the political process, which has been stalled for many months, and the lack of the emergence of even preliminary features of a new political process that does not exclude or exclude anyone. 

He pointed out that this process should stem from the people and put forward pure Sudanese solutions that the Sudanese believe in and pledge to respect and implement.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the initiative of the neighbouring countries of Sudan was called by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the response was quick on the part of the leaders to attend and actively participate in the Cairo summit.

This is the greatest proof of the unity of purpose, sincerity of intentions and serious political will to help the Sudan to get out of its depression and put an end to that devastating war in which there is no victor and no vanquished, but all are losers.

He said that African leaders expect practical and implementable solutions and proposals from this meeting. They expect us to speak with one voice to achieve one goal, which is to convince the parties to the conflict of the need for an immediate cessation of hostilities. Shoukry concluded.

In recent statements, Minister Shoukry stressed that the mechanism of neighbouring countries has the ability to interact with the Sudanese parties, whether at the military or civilian level, and by virtue of the ties that unite them with all elements in Sudan, it would bear fruit in the interest of the brotherly Sudanese people.

He added that coordination exists with all mechanisms, and we continue to communicate, interact, put forward ideas and play different roles due to the access of each party to different departments and its ability to communicate with them.

As for the Egyptian vision, he explained that the Egyptian vision is mainly to work with every effort to take care of the interests of the Sudanese people and preserve the Sudanese state institutions.

“It is teamwork, continuous work, and the unity of purpose is important, and God willing, this mechanism will have the desired effect,” Shoukry continued.

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