France’s Authorities Freeze 25 Million Euros of Muslim Brotherhood’s Funds

France’s France’s French authorities have frozen 25 million euros of the funds ofthe Muslim Brotherhood in France to limit the group’s activities, reported French daily newspaper Le Figaro this week.

The authorities have suspended eight out of 20 funds belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, after the General Directorate for Internal Security detected the suspicious funds linked to political Islam in France, sources told the French newspaper.

The funds were established in 2008 to direct money to the activities of general interest. However, the money of the funds was used illegally to operate and do maintenance for the mosques known to be close to the Muslim Brotherhood group, according to the sources.

The French authorities found legal evidence that requires resolving four of these funds, including the European Fund for Muslim Women, the Canadian Fund and Apogee Fund.

In 2019, French intelligence authorities said there are around 50,000 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, designated by Egypt as terrorist since 2013, who live on the French soil.

French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a campaign against political Islam and Islamist “separatism” over the past years, urging Muslim leaders to agree on a charter that would contribute to a broad clampdown on radical Islam.

The Muslim Brotherhood group is a Sunni Islamist group founded in Egypt in 1928.

In 2012, the Muslim Brotherhood managed to ascend to power in Egypt. However, millions of Egyptians protested against the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President, Mohamed Morsi, in 2013, causing him to be ousted.

The Muslim Brotherhood group members are facing accusations of being involved in violent crimes against civilians and police and army personnel.

Since December 2013, Egypt has formally labeled the Muslim Brotherhood group as terrorist, confiscating its members’ funds and bringing them to trial over terrorism-related cases.

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