Health Ministry: ”10,569 martyrs including 4,324 children in Gaza”

On the 33rd day of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Ministry of Health has released statistics that account for the atrocities the occupation has committed.

The number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip has risen to 10,569 Palestinians, including 4,324 children and 2,823 women, the Ministry of Health in Gaza stated.

Additionally, 649 elderly were killed by Israeli airstrikes and shelling, while 26,475 people were injured since October 7.

The ministry confirmed that the Israeli occupation committed 27 massacres in the past few hours which killed 241 people. The overwhelming majority of people killed in the Strip are “non-combatants”, as Israeli bombs have left no safe space for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli authorities had previously asserted that areas to the south of Wadi Gaza, or the Gaza Valley, would be safe areas for Palestinian civilians. However, the ministry revealed that 49% of recent Palestinian deaths occurred in the southern governates of the Gaza Strip. 

Moreover, 2,550 Palestinians have been reported missing, including 1,350 Palestinian children, who are most likely stuck under the rubble left behind by Israeli warplanes. The heinous siege imposed on the Gaza Strip has obstructed the delivery of fuel and life-saving equipment, such as excavation machinery, which would help save victims of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

So far, the Israeli occupation has killed 193 medical workers, destroyed 45 ambulances, targeted 120 medical institutions, and put 18 hospitals and 40 medical centers out of service through the brutal policies it has imposed on the Palestinian people.

“Israel” continues to breach international laws and resolutions on a daily basis, unimpeded,

Indonesian Hospital comes under attack

Israeli warplanes targeted the vicinity of the Indonesian Hospital, which is located in the north of Gaza City in Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun. Areas to the north of the hospital have seen intense confrontations for the past week, as Resistance fighters push back on invading Israeli troops.

The bombs that struck the vicinity of the hospital came after nine martyrs were transported to it, Al Mayadeen’s correspondent reported.

Our correspondent also pointed to the continued bombardment of al-Shujaiyah and al-Zeitoun, two densely populated areas in Gaza City. 

The humanitarian organization warned that fuel will run out of Al-Quds Hospital within the next 48 hours, as the occupation continues to destroy existing energy sources, as well as prevent the entry of fuel into the Strip.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) issued a statement on Tuesday, alerting international organizations of the critically low fuel supplies at the hospital. The PRCS urged international health and relief organizations “to provide essential aid and supplies to the Gaza Governate and the northern region.”

Al-Quds Hospital contains “life-saving equipment, neonatal incubators, and intensive care units,” all of which “will cease to function” when fuel runs out, killing dozens of patients in one go.

Bombardment of the hospital’s vicinity has taken place non-stop for the past week, the PRCS explained. It revealed that this caused more than 60 injuries among healthcare workers, patients, and displaced people taking refuge in the hospital’s courtyards.

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