Hezbollah Responds to Israeli Killing of Al Mayadeen Reporters

The Islamic Resistance carries out 3 separate operations in under 2 hours targeting a set of Israeli military targets.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah announced carrying out three separate operations against Israeli military targets in response to the IOF crime of murdering the Al Mayadeen’s journalists, Farah Omar and Rabih Me’mari, and channel collaborator Hussein Akil, among other civilians, on Tuesday.

Just a few hours after the reporters were martyred, the Resistance group targeted at 2:25 pm a unit of the “War Corps” associated with the Israeli military intelligence stationed in a house on the outskirts of the “Menara” settlement.

The Islamic Resistance announced another operation at 3:45 pm in response to the martyrdom of Omar and Me’mari, which was carried out using guided missiles, targeting Israeli soldiers stationed inside a house in “Avivim” settlement near the Lebanese border. The Resistance confirmed that the target was directly hit, confirming soldiers were either killed or wounded.

In the first statement, Hezbollah said this was “an initial response,” confirming that it was carried out using two guided missiles, which directly hit the target, resulting in certain deaths and injuries among the Israeli force.

Israeli “Beit Hillel” military base was later targeted at 4:10 pm with a barrage of Grad rockets (Katyusha) in response to the martyred journalists and civilians, and in support of Gaza and Palestine, Hezbollah said in a third statement, confirming direct hits.

After the journalists were announced martyrs earlier today, Hezbollah Media Relations issued a statement strongly condemning the heinous crime.

The Resistance group offered its deepest condolences to their families and their colleagues at Al Mayadeen Media Network, pledging that the crime will not go unanswered.

“We assert that this aggression that resulted in the martyrdom of fellow citizens will not go unanswered from the freedom fighters of the Islamic Resistance, who are engaging the enemy in the field with the most remarkable heroism and redemption,” the statement said.

Israelis kill elderly civilian

The Resistance’s operation also came in response to an Israeli attack on a home in the Lebanese town of Kfar Kila this morning, which led to the martyrdom of an elderly civilian, 80-year-old Lebanese citizen Laeqa Sarhan, and the wounding of her granddaughter, a Syrian national, Alaa al-Qasim.

It was also confirmed that several others of the martyr’s grandchildren miraculously survived the bombing that hit their home.

A source at the Marjeyoun Hospital, where Alaa was transported, told AFP that her injuries are severe, adding that efforts are underway to save her life, utilizing all available resources at the hospital. 

Martyrs in support of Palestine

Al Mayadeen’s correspondent, Farah Omar, and cameraman, Rabih Me’mari, were murdered today in an Israeli drone strike on their location in Tayr Harfa, South Lebanon, marking a new episode in the long series of crimes committed by the occupation entity.

Two Israeli rockets were launched at their location, which resulted in their immediate martyrdom.

Farah and Rabih had just ended a live broadcast at 10 am, giving updates on the latest Israeli bombardment in South Lebanon. She and her colleagues were targeted soon after they wrapped up their coverage and went off air.

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