How An Israeli Strike Killed 100s In Gaza Baptist Hospital

The Israeli occupation forces claim that a misfired rocket killed hundreds in al-Ahli Baptist Hospital. Is this assertion true? Find out more in this short article.

Following the Israeli war crime of bombing al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, several statements and theories spread across social media by official Israeli accounts and supporters, trying to acquit the occupation from the blatant war crime.

The number of victims remains unclear to this hour, as the Israeli bomb shredded people to pieces with its shrapnels killing at least 400, and the number is expected to rise.

Social media accounts rushed to analyze pictures from the aftermath, claiming that an Israeli bomb would have dealt much more severe damage to the Hospital than what had happened.

However, a short investigation of the evidence and videos available shows beyond doubt Israeli fingerprints on the unfathomable war crime.

Why didn’t the bomb leave a larger crater?

While going through my X feed on Wednesday morning, pro-Western and pro-Israeli users said that the lack of a carter in al-Ahli Baptist Hospital’s parking lot meant that the Resistance was definitely the culprit, via a misfired rocket artillery.

Each argument that will be refuted in this short piece will also provide evidence as to why this was not the doing of a misfired rocket from Gaza.

The videos captured by multiple media outlets showcased the magnitude of the fireball generated by the bomb. This means that the payload of the bomb must have contained much more explosive material than standard Palestinian Resistance rockets are equipped to carry.

However, some will say that a number of the Resistance’s rockets carry larger payloads exceeding 200 kg. It is essential to note that such a sizeable payload, on impact, would have left behind a large crater in the courtyards of al-Ahli Hospital.

Moreover, the Resistance in Gaza has a flurry of rockets, all of which burst on impact. This is the first argument to refute that a misfired rocket caused this atrocity.

A widely-shared claim is that a fragment of the misfired rocket which exploded in the air fell into Al-Ahli Hospital and caused the damage.

Yet again, such an event would have also left behind a crater which corresponds to the large fireball created by the payload and the amount of deaths and damage caused. The lack of such evidence refutes both assertions.

Bombs set on Airburst mode killed hundreds in Gaza

Bombs used by “Israel” can detonate in various pre-set modes, a specification that Palestinian Resistance rockets do not boast. 

In the above video, a JDAM MK.83 bomb bursts in the air before impact in order to maximize the coverage of shrapnel across the targeted area.

The Resistance has not acquired such technology, as every rocket in its arsenal explodes on impact via a mechanical mechanism. Such processes need various technologies which the Resistance simply does not have access to, due to a strict siege on the Strip.

Although a lighter bomb might have been used in the Israeli attack on the hospital, the evidence clearly shows the markings of a bomb put into “airburst” mode.

Evidence confirms airburst theory

After examining footage on social media and studying the structures of destroyed cars parked in the hospital’s entrance, the theory of airburst detonation becomes more glaring.

The above post on X shows the direction in which shrapnel was distributed outside the main hospital building. Further observation shows how the roofs of several cars were flattened by the shrapnel and compressed air resulting from the explosion.

The decision to bomb the hospital, in the matter that is was done, suggests that the Israeli occupation sought to maximize the number of victims across an open space where hundreds took refuge.

For a short recap:

  • The lack of a significant crater.
  • The distribution of shrapnel across a large area.
  • The flattening of the roofs of parked cars.

All of these factors contribute to a factual argument that an Israeli bomb put into airburst mode targeted civilians and children in al-Ahli Baptist Hospital.

Can misfired rocket artillery travel at high speeds?

The assertion made by the Israeli occupation forces that a fragment of a misfired rocket caused all of this damage becomes even more laughable when viewing two videos that went viral on social media, captured near the scene of the explosion.

The object traveled at an extremely fast speed before reaching the terminal phase above the hospital.

The question that begs to be asked is: Can a fragment resulting from a misfired rocket artillery hit the hospital at such speeds?

The short and definite answer is no.

Based on the object’s speed, it’s impossible for it to be a dud missile, as rockets failing to accelerate would have much lower speeds. 

There is hardly any chance such small warheads could cause the damage an airburst bomb or missile could have caused killing hundreds of people with overpressure, heat, and a more “efficient” pattern of shrapnel spread generated by detonating the ordinance at a low altitude.

The speed difference can be easily identified between gliding munition launched from the air going at extremely fast speeds and failing-to-accelerate dud missiles. In addition, the explosion follows the pattern of gliding bombs such as the Mark 80 series bombs or the smaller spike-missile used by the Israelis in their indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, and could not have been caused by any of the resistance rockets.

A short investigation by the British Channel 4 News rebukes all Israeli claims that a rocket was launched from a cemetery near the hospital. In short, the assertion is absurd, as the cemetery is directly next door to the hospital.

This is not the first time “Israel” bombs a hospital

As Francesco Sebregondi, the founder of INDEX NGO, posted on X, “First, the @IDF actually already bombed the hospital on 14/10, as a “warning” to evacuate, as @lemondefr has reported.”

In a thread, Sebregondi explained in detail why all the evidence suggests an Israeli strike occurred at al-Ahli Hospital on October 17, 2023.

The researcher has investigated Israeli war crimes in Gaza for over a decade for various organizations.

Moreover, the Israeli military X page has also bombarded the internet with misinformation saying that a misfired rocket is what caused the explosion. This has become a staple tactic for the IOF  who flood the internet and media with ill-produced reports and contradictory statements after committing a war crime, just as they did after the cold-blooded murder of Shireen Abu Akleh.

Here is just a short list of the war crimes committed by “Israel” since October 7 which the world remains silent about:

  1. Murdering 9 Journalists covering the events in Gaza.
  2. Bombing a team of journalists in South Lebanon.
  3. The bombing of al-Ahli Hospital has killed hundreds.
  4. The use of internationally banned weapons, including White Phosphorus in Gaza and South Lebanon.
  5. Cutting off water supply to 2.2 million civilians.
  6. Targeting numerous ambulances.
  7. Bombing dozens of Mosques and a Church.

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