Trusted Turkish sources revealed to our reporters documents that can be described as extremely dangerous as it contains information about the “assassination” of the Palestinian prisoner Zaki Hassan inside a prison cell in the city of Istanbul.

The documents that held the sensitive information were leaked by a senior Turkish security officer, previously served in a senior position in the intelligence apparatus in Istanbul.

Turkey announced the arrest of “two alleged intelligence operatives” on April 19 who were charged with international, political and military espionage.


Ten days later, the Turkish authorities claimed that Hasan committed suicide in his cell without giving any just explanation to the Zaki’s tragedy.


The family of Zakai Hasan had rejected the claim that he committed suicide in prison and accused Turkish authorities of killing him.

The Officer who was considered the second man in the security apparatus, was overwhelmed during the interrogating Zaki Hassan, for the charge of international, political and military espionage, with several suspicious events and when checking the seized suspect’s file found out 5 loopholes in the investigation, which are:

First :
The investigation was carried out by investigators originally based in the center of the Intelligence Agency in Ankara. This is contrary to the procedures followed by the Agency, which is an unusual precedent. As the intelligence of Istanbul is supposed to investigate the full case and report back to the leadership of the apparatus in Ankara.

Second :
The presence of an Arab person with a Gulf accent during all stages of the investigation. The Arab person took part in the interrogation and provided explanations about the detainee, according to the authorized interpreter.

The findings of the investigations were fully reserved, and no copies were sent to the Istanbul administration, in contrary to the known and established procedures.

Excessive use of torture and unusual methods were used by investigators during the interrogation.

The related investigation documents were changed twice and each time the previous documents were destroyed. Despite that fact that in the event of decline or a change in the statement of the detainee confessions, the procedure is to keep all previous statements for future comparison of the suspect’s statements against the facts.

In light of all these suspicious loopholes, according to the sources, the high-ranking officer decided to expand his follow-up on the case. Wide interrogation took place, and included the translator, guards team, nurses, and anyone who had any involvement in Zaki Hassan’s case.

After putting together all the witnesses statements, and examining the path of the translator’s investigation, the high ranking officer did not just find the full story, but he resolved the mystery behind Zaki’s assassination, said the sources.

According to the officer’s statements, the Arab person who was present during the interrogations is a Qatari national, and he is a part of a network that initially brought Zaki and his companion to Istanbul after convincing them that they are an Arab financial network that provides lucrative investment opportunities for Arab youth in Turkey without the need for large capital.

The sources added “afterward, the network chose Mr. Hassan as he presented a perfect fit for the planned scenario. And when the Turkish intelligence arrested the two young men, the Qatari man informed Mr. Hassan that his situation is very critical, and to exit his predicament, he must claim falsely the existence of a UAE working cell led by Dahlan, and to claim participation in planning to assassinate the Saudi journalist “Jamal Khashoggi””. To add up, Mr. Hassan was requested to claim the attendance of two meetings with the claimed network, and that his task was the gathering of intel after the conclusion of the crime, and that he defected himself to Turkish intelligence as he was promised a large sum of money and a Turkish nationality.

According to the Turkish officer, the deceased Palestinian man, showed preliminary response to the demands after being put under huge threats. However; after his appearance before the Turkish investigators he told the truth and faced the Qatari who attended the investigation, Mr. Hassan denied any relationship with the UAE intelligence or Dahlan, and denied any link or knowledge of the details of the case of “Khashoggi”. Mr.Hassan was hoping that coming forward with facts in front of the Turkish investigators will secure him protection.

However; Mr. Hassan was confronted with an extremely violent backlash from the investigators, who accused him of lying and changing his statements. The Turkish investigators presented a different statement claiming that he confessed with earlier, but he denied any link to the alleged statement, according to the Turkish officer.

After a series of brutal interrogations, it was agreed to get rid of Mr. Zaki Hassan, due to his stand in denying all what’ve been agreed on previously and changing his statement. Cutting him lose was not an option as it will expose the manipulation of Khashoggi investigations, which will, in return, put the credibility of Turkey at stake worldwide.


The high ranking official decided to retain the investigation file and did not disclose the findings of his own investigation to either the leadership of the intelligence apparatus or to any official, as he was convinced of the involvement of the very highest levels.

Nonetheless, after two months of his investigations, the officer was subject to unjustified inquiries and harassment by the Turkish intelligence community. The high ranking officer addressed a complain to the head of the apparatus, “Hakan Fidan”, stating that he has been subject to harassments from Ankara.

According to the sources, Fidan revealed to the officer that the Agency has doubts about his involvement in the investigations of Zaki’s murder without a formal command.
The officer confirmed to the head of the Turkish intelligence services that what he did was just routine procedures that did not reach any conclusive findings, and that the investigation was closed in a routine and formal manner. In fear for his life, the officer decided to send the full investigation file out of Turkish land.


Official news agencies portrayed the chief of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation, Hakan Fidan, as the man who engineered the counterattack against the Turkish coup of July 15, 2016. Fidan directed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to address the Turkish people after the coup attempt, saying: “We will fight them to death but you must go down to the street and stay there with the people.”

Hakam is very well known with his good relations with the Iranian security apparatuses and the radical groups in syria.
According to trustful sources, Hakan and engineered all the campaigns against the Turkish opposition and is considered as one of the very hardliners in the Turkish regime.

The officer, according to the sources, insisted to keep all the documents threatening to disclose his findings publicly in case he or his family are exposed to any attacks, even if it is an accidental one.

The sources added that the publishing of this information is considered as a warning message to the Turkish authorities, which appear to have already initiated harassment against the officer in a first step to get rid of him later.

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