IOF Leave Behind Trail of Terror at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

Among those killed by the IOF during the brutal attack on al-Shifa hospital and subsequent siege are patients, doctors, forcibly displaced civilians, children, women, and elderly.

In a harrowing revelation, Mahmoud Basal, the spokesperson for the Civil Defense in Gaza, disclosed that around 300 decomposing bodies with signs of torture were scattered in the vicinity of al-Shifa Medical Complex and its surrounding areas following the withdrawal of occupation forces after a two-week siege.

Basal confirmed that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) had executed civilians, whose bodies were found handcuffed at al-Shifa hospital. Furthermore, he detailed that the IOF had set fire to wards within the hospital, leaving devastation in their wake as they destroyed all medical equipment and supplies.

Earlier today, our correspondent in Gaza reported that Israeli occupation forces have completely withdrawn from the vicinity of al-Shifa Medical Complex toward the southwest of Gaza City.

He further reported that scores of martyrs’ bodies were found in the vicinity of the hospital after the withdrawal of the occupation forces.

“Dozens of bodies, some of them decomposed, have been recovered from in and around Al-Shifa medical complex,” the Health Ministry in Gaza said in a statement.


The Israeli occupation military “withdrew from Al-Shifa medical complex after burning down the complex buildings and putting it completely out of service”, it said.

“The scale of the destruction inside the complex and the buildings around it is vast.”

Our correspondent mentioned that emergency committees warned civilians against hastily inspecting the situation at al-Shifa Hospital, fearing the presence of Israeli snipers and ambushes in its vicinity.

In the same context, the Gaza Government Media Office had reported that hundreds of heavily armed soldiers, police dogs, dozens of tanks, unmanned aerial vehicles, and military helicopters participated in the invasion of al-Shifa Hospital, which hosted 5,000 patients and around 30,000 forcibly displaced civilians who took shelter in its facilities.

Harrowing scenes expose the brutality of IOF

Al-Shifa Medical Complex, in particular, has become a symbol of the brutality of Israeli occupation forces, largely through social media videos and the reporting of some of the last Palestinian journalists in northern Gaza.

The testimonies of survivors have become some of the defining images of “Israel’s” ongoing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza — children killed, doctors killed, pregnant women raped, pools of blood, scattered bodies, brutal interrogations, and torture.

Furthermore, circulating images have emerged, portraying the miraculous survival of wounded individuals who endured severe conditions without access to food or water throughout the two-week siege of the al-Shifa Medical Complex.

A particularly chilling footage has surfaced, showing the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) carrying out executions of Palestinians, among them a woman, after gunfire was unleashed upon them near the al-Shifa complex.

Today, al-Shifa Medical Complex lies in ruins, a grim testament to the deliberate onslaught by occupation forces targeting Gaza City’s vital health sector.

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