IOF Target Gazans in Queues Waiting for Aid, Commit New Massacre

Thousands of Palestinians crowded to receive aid in southern Gaza were targeted by Israeli occupation forces.

Israeli occupation forces committed a new massacre after targeting an area where thousands of Palestinians were waiting to receive aid at the Kuwait roundabout, south of the city of Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, this resulted in 20 martyrs and the injury of 150 people in a nonfinal toll. The Ministry estimated that the number of casualties would rise.

Before the start of the war on Gaza, 500 trucks on average entered the Strip. But today, due to the months-long siege on the Strip, even this amount will not be close enough to meet the people’s basic needs, as confirmed by the United Nations.

Our reporters in Gaza confirmed that the Israeli occupation is only allowing the entry of no more than a hundred aid trucks per day. According to the UN, this does not even cover a fraction of the daily needs of civilians, currently facing famine and spreading infectious diseases.


As part of their ongoing attacks on hospitals in Gaza, the invading Israeli forces stormed Wednesday Al-Khair Hospital, west of Khan Younis, and detained all of its medical staff, while imposing a complete siege on both Nasser Hospital and Al-Amal Hospital.


Furthermore, the spokesperson for the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qudra described the humanitarian and health situation at Nasser Medical Complex as “extremely catastrophic.”

He mentioned that this complex is operating with only 10% of its medical staff capacity under terrifying conditions.

In the continued plot to forcibly displace Palestinians, the occupation forces forced people who had taken shelter in the headquarters of the UNRWA agency in Khan Younis to leave the facility. This took place amid the deployment of tanks that fired smoke canisters on civilians.

Al-Qudra pointed out that due to the Israeli blockade on Gaza, food, in addition to anesthesia drugs in the operating rooms and painkillers, has run out. He also warned that the remaining fuel is only sufficient to operate the hospital for 5 days.

Smoke shells were also launched in the vicinity of the industrial area and the shelter schools, west of Khan Younis, as reported by our correspondent.

‘Buffer zones’ in Gaza

The criminal policy to leave civilians in Gaza with no homes to return to, as part of the Israeli plan to force Palestinians to leave the Strip to reoccupy it and establish settlements, the Israeli occupation army deliberately detonated houses in the areas of Khaza’a, Bani Suhaila, and al-Fakhari.

A recent report from the Israeli N12 broadcaster revealed that “Israel” has demolished about 1,100 houses to establish a “buffer zone” inside Gaza.

On Thursday, the Financial Times revealed that the Israeli forces are working to create a “buffer zone” inside Gaza and demolish buildings near the border with “Israel”.

The goal is to “keep this area completely clean of any [resistance fighters] or infrastructure, rocket launchers, mortars . . . and to give us the freedom of operation in that space,” a person familiar with the matter told the newspaper.

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