Iran May Alter Nuclear Doctrine Amid Israeli Threats to Nuclear Plants

A senior official in Iran's IRGC says that the Islamic Republic will repel any Israeli aggression on its nuclear facilities and deliver a response.

The Islamic Republic of Iran may reconsider its nuclear doctrine amid growing Israeli threats to the country’s nuclear plants, a senior official in the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Thursday.


The United States and most Western governments turned a blind eye to the Israeli aggression on Iran’s consulate in Syria, which also resulted in the martyrdom of seven senior IRGC officials, including the commander of al-Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon.


The world’s main powers, including France, Germany, and the UK refused to condemn the attack in a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) session, despite it being a blatant violation of the Geneva Convention and a long list of international laws.


Following Iran’s recent military response, which targeted Israeli military bases in occupied Palestine used to attack the consulate, Western countries launched a campaign against Tehran. They announced that they will impose a new comprehensive batch of sanctions on the Islamic Republic.


“The threat from Israel to Iran’s nuclear facilities allows Iran to reconsider and deviate from its declared nuclear doctrine and policy,” said Ahmad Haghtalab, according to Tasnim news agency. 


Expressing confidence that the Iranian nuclear facilities will be safe and secured, he maintained, “From the very beginning, Iran was ready to counter threats from Israel. Thanks to the use of passive defense plans, as well as the most modern weapons, thanks to the dispersal of nuclear facilities throughout Iran, we are ready to counter any threat from Israel to our nuclear facilities.”


Reiterating statements made by Iran’s top military and political officials, including the Iranian leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Haghtalab added that Iran is ready to repel any Israeli aggression on its nuclear facilities and subsequently respond to the attack.

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