Israel commits 23 massacres in just 24 hours in Gaza

The government media office in Gaza says 316 Palestinians were killed in just 24 hours, with hundreds still stuck under the rubble.

This comes as the government media office in Gaza said the Israeli occupation committed 23 massacres in just 24 hours, in which 316 Palestinians were killed, with hundreds still stuck under the rubble.

At least 15,523 Palestinians were killed in Gaza since “Israel’s” aggression on the Strip started on October 7, the Health Ministry in Gaza revealed. 70% of those killed are women and children.

According to the Health Ministry Spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra, over 41,000 people have been wounded by the strikes.

Al-Qudra reported that in recent hours, 316 Palestinians were killed and another 664 have been wounded and rushed to devastated hospitals for care. He warned that “many others are still under the rubble.”

An official from the Gaza government’s media office informed on Sunday that al-Shujaiya neighborhood massacre carried out by the Israeli occupation forces was one of the most horrific incidents, with more than 500 casualties reported.

Hospitals in southern Gaza have devolved into a state of chaos as medics are fatigued after 8 weeks of heavy bombardment.

Fuel stocks are nearly depleted due to the Israeli siege, forcing physicians to select when and where to use generators throughout their facilities.

According to the UN, no hospitals in the territory’s north can now operate on patients, and convoys by the International Committee of the Red Cross transport the most gravely injured to the south regularly, where hospitals are only “partially functional”.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, said on Sunday that he was unable to “find words strong enough” to express how he felt about the situation.

A WHO delegation reported patients being treated on floors “screaming in pain,” while countless others took shelter.

On the third day of renewed confrontations in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation has worked on expanding its invasion of the Gaza Strip, as it created a new axis of advance through northern Khan Younis.

The city, located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, has seen increased bombing by Israeli occupation artillery units and warplanes.

Ehab al-Najjar was enraged when he spoke to AFP, expressing that he came home and “saw the bomb fall on our house. Women, children died. What did they do to deserve this?”

Nevertheless, the Resistance still held its ground firmly, ambushing and targeting Israeli occupation forces.

It is worth noting, that Resistance fighters from different Palestinian factions are engaged in fierce confrontations against Israeli occupation forces on several axes throughout the Gaza Strip. At the same time, mortar and rocket units are operating around the hour to target Israeli military positions and occupation cities and settlements in occupied Palestine.

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