‘Israel’ Committed Massacres Against 550 Families in Gaza

The massacres are still ongoing, and considering “Israel’s” brutality, more are expected to take place.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza released new figures, today, Saturday, revealing the number of massacres committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip, in its ongoing brutal aggression against the Strip for the fifteenth day in a row.

The Ministry revealed in a statement that the Israeli occupation committed 550 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the martyrdom of 3,353 members of these families since the beginning of the aggression. 

The Ministry, once again, warned that a large number of Palestinians are still under the rubble.

In the past 24 hours only, the Israeli occupation “committed 29 massacres, claiming the lives of 248 Palestinians and injuring 400,” according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, as the aggression continues indiscriminately, 4,385 Palestinians have been martyred so far in the Gaza Strip since the start of the Israeli aggression on October 7, including 1,756 children and 967 women, in addition to 13,561 wounded.

“70% of the total victims of the Israeli aggression are children, women and the elderly.”

The Ministry’s statement touched on the repercussions of the aggression on the health sector in the Strip, confirming the martyrdom of 51 health personnel and the injury of 87 others with various injuries. It also announced that 7 hospitals and 25 health centers have become out of service due to deliberate targeting and fuel shortages. 

The statement also confirmed that hospitals in the Gaza Strip ran out of resources, considering the lack of the most basic emergency medical supplies, including fuel.

The Ministry of Health reiterated its call to retired cadres and volunteers in all health specialties to join rescue operations in hospitals and emergency units.

The statement added that hospitals in the Gaza Strip exceeded their capacity by 150%, forcing them to set up multiple tents to accommodate a large number of injuries.

Regarding the aid that entered the besieged Strip earlier this morning, the Ministry said, “The entry of a limited number of trucks constitutes only 3% of what was entering the Gaza Strip daily in terms of health and humanitarian needs before the aggression,” stressing that it is minimal compared to what was entering the Gaza Strip daily, which exceeded 600 trucks per day.

Speaking about the kind of aid, it indicated that bringing medical aid into the Gaza Strip is essential if it meets the emergency needs in the different emergency departments, intensive care units, and operating rooms of all Gaza Strip hospitals.

In the statement, the Ministry appealed to the international community to take action immediately to bring in fuel and healthcare emergency needs “before more victims lose their lives in hospitals,” particularly addressing Egypt in its appeal.

In the same context, the Ministry explained in its statement that excluding all kinds of fuel from the humanitarian aid allowed in “will jeopardize the lives of the sick and wounded and put life-saving services at risk.

It highlighted that the Israeli occupation repeatedly threatened to target hospitals in the Gaza Strip, with the threat to al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City being its latest, after it committed a massacre at al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the city, which “reflects the occupier’s intransigence and thirst for killing with the entire world standing idly by.”

However, despite the ongoing threats, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that its crews will not leave their sites and that they will remain beside the wounded and sick to tend to their injuries “until the last breath,” declaring that it is seeking by every means possible to have its primary and psychological health centers at the service of the citizens.

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