Israeli Genocide: ‘Israel’ Murders 800+ In Gaza Hospital Bombing

The Israeli occupation shells a hospital in Gaza, killing more than 800 people and injuring hundreds of others.

The Israeli occupation carried out a massacre before the entire world as it bombed a hospital housing over a thousand civilians, killing hundreds in the process.

Palestinian media reported that Al-Maamadani Hospital was housing over a thousand people, including Palestinian refugees, patients, and media personnel.

Preliminary reports suggest that no less than 800 people were martyred in the Israeli aggression.

The Israeli occupation forces bombed the Palestinian Hospital as Gaza continues reporting that its health sector is suffering in light of the crisis, with medicine and medical supplies being at risk of running out.

A video that went viral on social media showed the moment of the strike. It depicts an extremely fast object that hit the hospital in the terminal phase.

Some Israeli and pro-Israeli accounts claimed it was a failed resistance launch, but based on the speed of the object it’s not possible for it to be a missile, as dud rockets failing to accelerate would have much lower speeds. 

The speed difference can be easily identified between gliding munition launched from the air and failing-to-accelerate dud missiles. Hence, the object that hit the hospital was most definitely an Israeli airstrike.

Israeli warplanes also conducted airstrikes in the vicinity of the hospital in Tel al-Zaatar, northern Gaza, as part of their attempt to exert pressure on the hospital and expedite the displacement process. 

Despite global appeals to protect healthcare facilities from Israeli airstrikes and forced displacement orders, Israeli threats have targeted hospitals in the Gaza Strip, endangering the well-being of patients and the wounded. “Israel” demanded on Saturday that al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza forcibly evacuate its patients and staff within two hours.

In the same context, al-Durra Children’s Hospital in the east of the Gaza Strip was forced to evacuate its staff and patients after it was pounded with white phosphorus munitions.

This situation unfolds as the healthcare system in Gaza faces a severe crisis, marked by dwindling medication supplies and electricity shortages due to the total Israeli blockade.

Palestinian Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qidra told our reporters on Thursday, that Gaza was hours away from essential services completely shutting down, and the health sector is in collapse.

“Medicines are dwindling and have almost run out,” Al-Qidra said, noting that only life-saving units were operating in Gaza’s hospitals due to the existing fuel shortages.

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