Death Count Lost as Bodies Flood in Masse into Gaza Hospitals

Israeli aggression targets medical teams and demands the evacuation of hospitals, which are already at full capacity.

Gaza said there can be no valid death count now as the bodies are currently administered in masse into hospitals, all of whom are civilians. 

The latest report estimates that the number of Palestinians killed in the aggression exceeded 2,000, including hundreds of children and women, noting that the occupation is intensifying air and sea strikes on Gaza, which predicts that the numbers are expected to rise massively. 

In details provided later, the Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that 2,215 citizens, including 724 children, were martyred and 8,714 people were injured since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

It further detailed that in the past 24 hours, Israeli occupation forces killed 324 citizens, including 126 children and 88 women, and wounded 1,018 others, with a large number of martyrs being unrecognizable and others remaining unidentified, as per Al Mayadeen’s correspondent, as their bodies are dismembered or completely scorched. 

Our correspondent reported that the Israeli occupation demanded that the medical teams at al-Quds Hospital in Tel al-Hawa (southwest of Gaza City) evacuate it in preparation for its bombing, adding that the Israeli aircraft targeted the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Hospital in the central Gaza Strip.

In a chilling revelation, our reporters said that medical crews have turned to using ice cream freezers to keep the bodies of martyrs in the Strip in light of the unjust siege that encompasses everything.

Meanwhile, the United Nations said Saturday that after only a week of fierce bombardment by Israeli forces, at least 1,300 buildings in the Gaza Strip have been destroyed, 

Furthermore, our correspondent reported that the Israeli occupation has been targeting medical, journalistic, and service teams in Gaza since the start of the aggression. The health authorities in Gaza announced the martyrdom of 15 members of its medical staff, in addition to the destruction of 23 ambulances, rendering them out of service.

The UN’s humanitarian agency OCHA said “5,540 housing units” in those buildings were destroyed and nearly 3,750 more homes were so badly damaged they were uninhabitable.

The administration of al-Awda Hospital in Jabaliya, north of the Gaza Strip, confirmed that the occupation threatened to bomb the facility, demanding its evacuation. This threat comes at a time when the patient wards are overcrowded with those injured due to the ongoing Israeli aggression. Additionally, al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza was threatened with bombing, and its administration was ordered to evacuate in preparation for the bombing.

The hospital administrations urged humanitarian partners worldwide to pressure the Israeli occupation to spare the health system, which is already on the verge of collapse due to the ongoing aggression and years of Israeli blockade on the sector.

In a statement condemning the continued crimes against Palestinians, Hamas affirmed today that the horrifying massacre committed by the occupation against the displaced in Gaza reveals the extent of its lies, deception, and manipulation.

The Resistance emphasized that these systemic crimes and violations, occurring in the context of American and Western complicity, “will not succeed in breaking the will of our people who stand united with their Resistance.”

The statement also stressed that the Palestinian people reject all attempts at displacement, adding that the occupation’s demands of medical teams to evacuate hospitals, including al-Awda Hospital, is a new crime committed by the occupation forces.

The Resistance praised the heroic and humanitarian role of the medical teams that refused to evacuate al-Awda Hospital and insisted on upholding their national and humanitarian duty.

Furthermore, Hamas called on the United Nations and relevant international institutions to urgently intervene to stop the targeting of hospitals and medical teams.

Our reporters in Gaza confirmed that the Palestinian Resistance is still firing rockets at Israeli settlements and Palestinian cities occupied in 1948, with sirens sounding in “Sderot” and western occupied al-Naqab, despite the ferocity of the aggression that major countries may not tolerate.

Our correspondent continued that despite the catastrophic conditions in the Gaza Strip, the Resistance stands fierce and strong, which confirms the failure of the occupation to target and harm it.

Josep Borrell, the EU foreign policy chief, stated on Saturday that “Israel’s” order to forcibly displace one million people from northern Gaza within a 24-hour timeframe is “utterly impossible to implement.”

“I am saying that representing the official position of the European Union… (the evacuation plan) is utterly impossible to implement,” Borrell told a press conference in Beijing on the final day of a three-day diplomatic visit to China.

“To imagine that you could move one million people in 24 hours in a situation like Gaza can only be a humanitarian crisis,” he added.

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