Israeli bombs dropped on Gaza equivalent to ”2 Hiroshima Nclear Nombs”

An Israeli media outlet reports that 10,000 bombs were dropped on the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the aggression.

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor reported on Thursday that the Israeli media had acknowledged dropping 10,000 bombs on the Strip since the beginning of the aggression on October 7.

The international organization said the quantity of explosives launched on Gaza exceeds 25,000 tons at a rate of 70 tons per square kilometer, noting that this amount of explosives is equivalent to twice the power of the US nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

The Geneva-based organization said the Israeli occupation army claimed that its warplanes targeted more than 12,000 “targets” in the Gaza Strip, whereby the share of each individual in the Strip exceeds 10 kilograms of explosives.

The organization also pointed out that “Israel” is deliberately using a mixture of explosives known as RDX, with a strength times 1.34 of TNT.

As per Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, this means that the destructive force of the explosives dropped on Gaza exceeds what was dropped on Hiroshima, noting that the area of the Japanese city is 900 km2, while the area of Gaza does not exceed 360 km2.

“Israel” is using bombs with huge destructive power, some of which range from 150 kg to 1,000 kg, highlighting the statement of Israeli Security Minister Yoav Galant who admitted that more than 10,000 bombs were dropped on Gaza City alone.

In a related context, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qidra, announced today that the number of martyrs since the start of the aggression on Gaza has exceeded 9,000, including 3,760 children, 2,326 women, and 32,000 people injured with various wounds.

He pointed out that the number of reports received by the Ministry of Health regarding the missing persons has exceeded 2,000, including 1,150 of which are regarding children.

Additionally, 135 healthcare workers have been martyred in the ongoing Israeli aggression and 25 ambulances have been destroyed.

Al-Qidra added that 100 healthcare facilities have been targeted, with 16 hospitals taken out of service and 32 primary care centers affected due to the airstrikes and fuel shortages caused by the occupation entity’s blockade.

The Health Ministry declared yesterday that the main generator at the Indonesian Hospital has shut down after running out of fuel, warning that hundreds of patients and wounded are now in imminent danger as a result. 

In a related context, Gaza’s media office said al-Shifa Hospital is also running on its last fuel reserves and that its main generator is close to going out of operation.

On his part, the director of al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital announced that the health facility could no longer accommodate the number of casualties, so a tent was erected to house the patients and the injured.

Regarding the agreement to allow Palestinians in urgent need of medical treatment out to Egypt, the Gaza government’s media office pointed out that the occupation is targeting roads leading to the Rafah crossing, which is hindering the process of transferring the injured to receive required medical care. Meanwhile, It was scheduled for today to evacuate 400 Americans and several wounded and foreign passport holders to cross into Egypt.

Furthermore, the government urgently appealed to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to provide fuel for the Turkish-Palestinian Friend Hospital – also known as the Turkish Hospital – which went out of service on Wednesday after depleting all its fuel capacity to save the lives of over 10,000 cancer patients in Gaza, given that the hospital is the only center in Gaza that provides treatment for cancer patients.

In addition to requesting energy supplies, the government has also urged the activation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law to protect both civilians and healthcare facilities.

In the past week, Israeli warplanes conducted several separate strikes against the Turkish Hospital while the Ministry reported significant damage and partial destruction of the facility.

The Israeli aggression continues to escalate, with a focus on targeting residential towers and civilian areas.

Another tragic massacre committed by the Israeli occupation military in al-Maghazi and al-Bureij refugee camps.

Meanwhile, within the past few hours today, Israeli strikes in various areas in Gaza have resulted in over 30 martyrs, a medical source told our reporters.

Amid the relentless attacks, our correspondent on the ground noted the deliberate targeting of a residential tower, including al-Ghafari Tower, which stands as the tallest building in Gaza. The 16th floor of this tower, housing several press offices, including the Al Mayadeen channel, caught fire as a result of the assault.

Tragically, our correspondent also reported the martyrdom of journalist Iyad Matar, a dedicated member of Al-Aqsa TV Channel, along with his mother, in a violent Israeli shelling attack that hit the central governorate of the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, Israeli occupation forces targeted a UNRWA school, which was providing shelter to displaced families, using white phosphorus bombs.

In southwestern Gaza, a number of farmers were martyred due to the Israeli occupation’s targeting of al-Shamkha area, the correspondent added.

As the full blockade continues for almost a month, the people of Gaza are facing an acute humanitarian crisis as the supply of bread has been severed due to the depletion of ingredients and the last quantities of fuel required for operating bakeries.

Despite the Israeli occupation’s claims of targeting military objectives, the government’s media office rejected these claims, stressing that the evidence on the ground points to a pattern of aggression on residential neighborhoods, civilian homes, and gatherings of citizens at vital locations like bakeries, hospitals, and churches.

In the past 48 hours, the Israeli occupation committed three massacres in the Jabalia refugee camp, which resulted in over 1,000 people martyred and wounded. Al-Shati’ camp in Gaza also saw two massacres in the past 24 hours, leading to the martyrdom of over 30 Palestinians.

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