Israeli Defense Ministry Computers Hacked

Israeli security sources confirmed on Tuesday that there has been a breach into the Defense Ministry’s computers. The officials refused to elaborate further and the ministry declined to comment.

A hacker group said a few days ago that it breached the computers of the Defense Ministry and managed to obtain sensitive information.

The data has been published in various Telegram groups.

The attacking group posted on Telegram that it succeeded in stealing data from the Defense Ministry’s computer systems and released a video purportedly showing how it managed to hack into various Defense Ministry systems and access the information contained within.

Among other things, offering the full data for sale on various forums in exchange for 50 bitcoins, equivalent to 12.5 million shekels ($3.37 million).

Elsewhere, it was annonced that the hackers got extensive data but would not sell it unless Israel agreed to release 500 prisoners.

The Israeli security establishment refused to comment on the matter, but security sources did confirm that a breach of the ministry’s systems occurred, without specifying whether the stolen data was indeed sensitive.

On Friday, hackers breached the systems of the Justice Ministry, with estimates suggesting the attackers managed to obtain hundreds of gigabytes of data, including information about Justice Ministry employees and official documents. Although the Justice Ministry denied an attack occurred, sources familiar with the matter said that currently, around 100 gigabytes of sensitive data that appears to have come from the ministry are circulating online.

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