Israeli Media: Netanyahu-Gallant Discord Growing More Evident

Israel Hayom reports that many in Gallant's circle are concerned that the image of tensions in the Israeli bureaucracy in light of the war on Gaza would be interpreted as a sign of weakness.

A recent report by the Israel Hayom newspaper addresses the growing tensions in the Israeli war cabinet between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Security Minister Yoav Gallant.

The newspaper reported that separate press conferences are only the tip of the iceberg in the growing discord between Netanyahu and Gallant, adding that the tensions are manifesting in disagreements regarding decision-making and a lack of coordination between the two. 

It further reported that Netanyahu had closed down offices allocated to Yoav Gallant in the Ministry of Defense.

Even though the tensions between the two became clear to the public after Gallant was relieved of his duties as Minister of Defense back in March due to disagreements about the judicial overhaul, the two have tried to maintain the semblance of a united front in the war cabinet, the newspaper noted. 

However, cracks started showing in this semblance of a united front when Netanyahu revealed that Gallant had refused to join him for a press conference, the newspaper added. 

Few cabinet sessions

Israel Hayom revealed new details about the exacerbating tensions between the two, including the deliberate delay of consultations during the war, and Netanyahu’s closure of meeting rooms in the Ministry of Defense.

The newspaper noted that since the start of the war, the number of cabinet sessions could be counted on the fingers of one hand, and the meetings of the Likud Knesset bloc could be counted on one finger. 

Gallant hasn’t been attending either war Cabinet or Likud Bloc meetings under the pretext of focusing on the war, according to the report. Yesterday, Gallant did not show up to the Likud Bloc meeting, causing frustration among his colleagues in the party. 

The newspaper reported that many in Gallant’s circle are concerned that the semblance of the tensions in the Israeli bureaucracy in light of the burgeoning war would be interpreted as a sign of weakness.   

New life to Netanyahu’s corruption trial

The proceedings in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s legal cases are set to recommence on Monday at the “Jerusalem District Court” following a hiatus of approximately two months since the Tishrei holiday break.

Minister Dudi Amsalem expressed criticism over the trial’s resumption, stating on X (formerly Twitter): “The prime minister is preoccupied with illusory trifles, a shame.”

The break was extended due to the Israeli war in Gaza, during which the courts operated in an emergency format, focusing on emergency hearings only. LAHB Unit 433 investigators Eran Bohnik and Datan Malihi are slated to testify, along with Lior Spitz, an investigator from the Securities Authority.

Netanyahu’s spokesperson, Ofer Golan, confirmed at the end of last week that the discussion is expected to proceed. 

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