Israeli occupation forces Kill 3 Palestinians in West Bank raid

Three youths are the latest Palestinian victims of Israeli barbarism.

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) murdered three Palestinians on Thursday in the flashpoint city of Jenin, in the occupied West Bank, as per the Palestinian health ministry.

“Three were killed by Israeli occupation fire during its aggression in Jenin at dawn today,” the Palestinian Health Ministry reported.

According to Palestinian media sources, IOF stormed the city and the nearby Jenin refugee camp to conduct arrests.

Videos that were posted online featured heavy Israeli gunfire.

Despite confirming the deaths, the Palestinian Health Ministry did not release the names of the martyrs.

They were identified as Sidqi Zakarneh, Atta Shalabi, and Tariq al-Damej in unverified social media posts.

Witnesses reported that the ambulance’s driver narrowly avoided death when the occupation soldiers opened fire directly at it.

Other Palestinians were reportedly injured during the Israeli raid, as per local Palestinian sources.

“Israel’s” execution of Palestinians is not new nor shocking. However, Israeli forces have significantly escalated the killing and repression of Palestinians in recent days.

IOF launched a major offensive, mostly focused on the northern occupied West Bank.

In almost brutal nightly raids, the operation has resulted in more than 2,500 arrests. 

The Israeli barbarism has also resulted in the killing of more than 160 Palestinians, the majority of whom were teenagers.



Arab Observer

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