Israeli Occupation Forces storm al-Aqsa mosque for the second time

Israeli Occupation Forces stormed the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, one of Islam’s holiest sites, for the second time on Wednesday, hours after they first raided the compound and arrested hundreds of Palestinians despite condemnations from the Arab and Muslim world.

On Thursday morning the Israeli Occupation Forces stormed and desecrated the Al-Aqsa mosque, protecting the Israeli settlers’ incursions, a group of settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, heavily protected by the occupying forces.

In parallel, the IOF launched airstrikes, allegedly targeting Resistance positions west of the Gaza Strip, while Israeli helicopters also targeted several positions in the center of the province.

According to our reporters in Gaza, “The resistance fired several rockets toward the Gaza envelope settlements,” adding that the rockets have triggered “the sirens to sound” and the IOF war boats to fire “sonic shells at the Beit Lahia coast north of the Strip.”

Fear of large-scale confrontations takes over Israeli media

In turn, Israeli media reported that the current situation resembles the time leading up to the Seif Al-Quds battle, adding that “an incident in Al-Aqsa can also be dragged into a wide confrontation” this time.

Israeli media further explained that “history may not always accurately repeat itself, but sometimes it does,” adding that “the events of the first night yesterday, inside Al-Aqsa Mosque, provided a near-identical version of events at the Temple Mount [Al-Aqsa Mosque] in Ramadan two years ago. In May 2021, tensions in Jerusalem [Al-Quds] descended into the Gaza Strip, leading to Operation “Guardian of the Walls” [Seif Al-Quds].”

According to Israeli media, “harsh images of police storming the inside of the mosque can produce a similar result”, following up that “the only good thing is that the events ended in hundreds of detainees and dozens of bereaved Palestinians, without fatalities.”

Yesterday, Israeli media also recalled that the resistance in Gaza “once again proved to be the protector of the holy sites, which it proved two years ago in Operation “Guard of the Walls” [Seif Al-Quds].”

Arab countries strongly condemn Al-Aqsa storming

In the same context, several Arab countries condemned the IOF storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque and its attack on worshippers.

In a statement, the Saudi Foreign Ministry said Saudi Arabia was following with concern the developments at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Ministry affirmed that the Kingdom condemns this blatant incursion and expresses its categorical rejection of these practices that violate international principles and norms that call for respect of religious sanctities.

Saudi Arabia reaffirmed its position in supporting all efforts aimed at ending the Israeli occupation and reaching a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry considered that such hateful and reprehensible scenes, and repeated Israeli violations of the sanctity of the holy places, fuel feelings of anger among all the Palestinian people and the Islamic nation.

Similarly, Jordan strongly condemned the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque and called on the Israeli occupation to stop such acts against worshippers, which it said violate international norms, holding the occupation fully responsible for any consequences.




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