Israeli Occupation Forces Violated Terms of the Gaza Truce Again

Gaza confirmed that Israeli occupation forces violated the ceasefire by firing bullets in northern Gaza, after a series of breaches.

Israeli occupation forces violated the ceasefire by firing gunshots in northern Gaza, particularly in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood.

He revealed that the occupation forces fired artillery and smoke shells west of the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood during their withdrawal, aiming to cover their retreat from the central part of the neighborhood towards Rashid Street.

The Ministry of Health’s confirmation that the occupation forces are still refusing to allow the necessary fuel into hospitals in the northern areas.

Our correspondent also reported that Israeli occupation forces fired smoke rounds at citizens’ homes in Al-Shati Refugee Camp north of Gaza.

Constant violations

It is noteworthy that Israeli forces targeted a group of civilians on the first day of the humanitarian ceasefire as they attempted to return from the southern to the northern Gaza Strip, resulting in the martyrdom of two and the injury of others.

In a press release, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported that Israeli occupation forces attacked two farmers who were working on their land east of the al-Maghazi camp. This incident led to the martyrdom of one farmer and the injury of the other.

Numerous violations, according to Hamas top official Osama Hamdan, came in the form of the Israeli occupation going against stipulations regarding the truce, the prisoner swap, and the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

On the third day of the temporary ceasefire, seven Palestinians were injured by Israeli occupation forces’ gunfire in the vicinity of the al-Quds Hospital in Tel Al-Hawa, west of Gaza City, and the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip.

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