Israeli Paris Envoy Back with ‘Updated’ Proposal for ‘Temp Ceasefire’

The modified proposal on a potential prisoner-captive exchange deal, in return for a temporary ceasefire, will now be reviewed by the Israeli war cabinet and the Palestinian Resistance.

The Israeli delegation returned early on Saturday from Paris after receiving an “updated framework” proposal regarding a prisoner-captive exchange in return for a “temporary ceasefire,” which was formulated by the United States, Qatar, and Egypt.

The new development comes as the occupation entity declared plans to invade densely-populated Rafah amid international objection against plans to attack the small city housing over 1.4 million people.

According to Axios, the agreement was reached during a meeting with senior representatives from the US, Qatar, Egypt, and the occupation entity.

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It added that the Israeli envoy included Mossad chief Dadi Barnea, head of Shin Bet Ronan Bar, as well as army representatives Maj. Generals Ntizan Alon and Oren Seter.

No details were provided on the introduced modifications, but the report said “progress was made” citing two officials familiar with the matter.

The Israeli war cabinet is expected to meet later today or Sunday to be briefed on the updates. If the new proposal is approved, further talks will follow. Meanwhile, the Resistance is expected to receive the draft from mediators Qatar and Egypt, to hold internal discussions on the revised clauses before announcing a position.

Genocide on pause

US President Joe Biden’s administration has been facing growing public and international pressure for continuing to support the genocide in Gaza. This has been exacerbated as the holy month of Ramadan looms, raising fears among US officials that a brutal attack on Rafah and the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza might fuel public outrage in Islamic countries and among Muslim nations.

Earlier this week, the US vetoed an Algerian-proposed UNSC draft resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The voting was 13 in favor, 1 abstention (the UK) with the US voting against.

During a recent meeting in occupied al-Quds, White House Coordinator for the MENA region, Brett McGurk, recently conveyed to the Israeli leadership the US President Biden administration’s desire to see a deal before the start of the holy month. However, Washington’s plans were not translated into actions, indicating that a “temporary ceasefire” would be just a genocide on pause.

The White House announced last week that “now is not the time for a complete ceasefire,” expressing support to “Tel Aviv” in its goal to “eradicate” the Resistance in Gaza.

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