Kamal Khatib stirs up hate speeches and incitement in occupied Palestine in the year 48

Kamal Khatib “Brotherhood member” and a head of the freedoms committee in the Arab Follow-up Committee, continues his systematic campaign to strike the Arab social fabric in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948, through a series of actions that raises suspicious, racist, sectarian character and fuel a wide debate in the Palestinian Arab circles.

Kamal Khatib’s acts escalated when he attacked the member of the joint list Aida Touma, who won the new Israeli elections, achieved with her list an electoral success that Arabs did not achieve for years, and became a bloc with a real influence in political life inside Israel, which opened a big question about the timing of this attack!!

Brotherhood Kamal Khatib, who takes advantage of his official presence on the Arab Follow-up Committee, and has strong ties with the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and figures associated with terrorism in the Arab world, and countries such as Turkey and Qatar under the eyes of the Israeli government ”and carries out activities for the benefit of the Turkish regime inside Israel, raises  anger among the Palestinian feminist movement, human rights organizations, and Arab inside Israel, after his abusive statements against Representative Aida Touma, prompting feminist and human rights associations demanded his immediate dismissal  as head of the Freedoms Committee.

The societies ’statement stated that“ Khatib focuses in his work and activities on incitement against different groups of the Palestinian people, such as women and feminists, instead of working to achieve individual and collective freedoms, social, gender justice for our people. ”

The associations considered that “this provocative actions led by Khatib against MP Aida Touma is not the first but it should be the last, Touma confirmed that she will stand against violence, against incitement, against Kamal Khatib and Brotherhood that he represents.

The associations called to stop incitement against Touma on pretext that it has nothing to do with reality, khatib claimed that Touma did not show solidarity with the detainee Aya Khatib from the town of Arara.

“What is the legitimacy that Kamal Khatib relies on in his inciting actions against women?” And who supports him? ”

Feminist and human societies affirmed that “ political arrests is a burning issue that affects the entire Arab community and requires us at this hour in particular to support each other and stay away from divisions and attack others, where everyone has a responsibility to face these repressive practices by the Israeli occupation and not to create internal crises in the middle Arab, especially the case of Palestinian women prisoners is a priority in our feminist and human rights work in order to achieve justice and equality for all Palestinian women.

On the other hand, Mansour Dahamasha, Democratic Secretary-General for Peace and Equality, accused in a post on his Facebook page Kamal Khatib, of incitement targeting of Representative Aida Touma, also said that this incitement carries a hateful sectarian character, which Khatib can no longer cover it.

Dahamsha added: Kamal Khatib is using the unjust detention of Ayat Khatib from Arara, for selfish purposes making internal incitement, and opens his page on Facebook for spreading hate and sectarian incitement,  he has nothing to do but to spread hate in the community, as if this is his “job”

Dahamsha continued: Kamal Khatib’s practices attacks freedoms committee in the follow-up committee in its concept and essence, and kept many people away from the activities that they initiate, while the activities of this committee are not without selectivity according to Kamal Khatib mood, For example, he initiates For many activities related to Palestinian prisoners, but we did not hear his voice after the arrest of the last Palestinian MP, Khaleda Jarrar. Is this a coincidence?

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