Kemal Kilicdaroglu: “current elections as most unfair period in Turkish history”

The opposition presidential candidate and chairman of the opposition Republican People's Party thanked all supporters "for more than 25 million votes"

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s supporters celebrated well into the night after Turkey’s long-time president secured another five years in power.

“The entire nation of 85 million won,” he told cheering crowds outside his enormous palace on the edge of Ankara.

But his call for unity sounded hollow as he ridiculed his opponent Kemal Kilicdaroglu – and took aim at a jailed Kurdish leader and pro-LGBT policies.

The opposition leader did not explicitly concede victory.

Complaining of “the most unfair election in recent years”, Mr Kilicdaroglu said the president’s political party had mobilised all the means of the state against him.

President Erdogan ended with just over 52% of the vote based on near-complete unofficial results. Almost half the electorate in this deeply polarised country did not back his authoritarian vision of Turkey.

Ultimately Mr Kilicdaroglu was no match for the well-drilled Erdogan campaign, even if he took the president to a run-off second round for the first time since the post was made directly elected in 2014.

Turkey’s opposition presidential candidate and the chairman of the the opposition Republican People’s Party Kemal Kilicdaroglu described the current presidential election as one of the most unfair periods in his country’s history.


“Keep fighting for democracy,” he continued. “I fought for it and I fought for you and will keep doing so in the future.”.

“These elections were one of the most unfair periods in history,” he told reporters in the party’s headquarters in Ankara. “I’m grateful to all our supporters for more than 25 million of their votes.”

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