Khartoum: tight security precedes the anniversary of June 30

Sudanese authorities have taken security measures in Khartoum that anticipate the anniversary of June 30.

And confirmed the closure of bridges and streets leading to the general command in the Sudanese capital.

The Resistance Committees intensified, during the last period, their calls to exit in peaceful protests on June 30, to put pressure on the judicial authorities to end investigations into crimes against the sit-in of the General Command, complete the transitional authority structures and reform economic conditions.

Information about sabotage and chaos

For his part, Governor of Khartoum State, Youssef Adam Al-Dai, said in a statement published by local media, Saturday: “We have had information about the plans of the trainees and the intruders, who are planning to drag the celebrations into the abyss of sabotage and chaos.”

Al-Dai also announced the closing of Khartoum bridges and crossings permanently on June 29 and 30, and decided to accompany the prosecutors to the forces that will secure the protesters to take legal measures on the ground in the face of the negligent.

He pointed out that his government has put in place a tight security plan, based on achieving the security and safety of the country and the citizen, and that the security services are ready to deal vigorously with any manifestations of violence.

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Tightening of the ban

The Khartoum ruler said that the authorities will freeze the issuance of new passes until further notice, while they have begun issuing permits for doctors, merchants and journalists to enable them to roam freely in light of the health embargo imposed to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

He stressed that his government intends to strictly implement the health ban and fully comply with the health requirements for corona prevention.

The statement appealed to the protesters and the citizens to cooperate with the security services in maintaining the peacefulness of the protests, not to encroach on government buildings and citizens’ properties, and to stay away from military sites and areas.

Khartoum - Archives from France Press

Immediate notification

He also called for immediate reporting on the intruders and informing the regular forces of their presence and not engaging with them in direct confrontations to thwart their plan to drag the celebrations into the swamp of violence.

Al-Dai said that the State Security Committee will not allow the occurrence of violence, calling on everyone to cooperate with the competent authorities to make the security plan a success.

On June 30, it carries a millionth anniversary that came out the same day in 2019 to advocate for civil rule and support the families of the martyrs.

Since August 21, 2019, a transition period of 39 months has begun in Sudan that ends with elections, during which power is shared by the Military Council and the “Declaration of Freedom and Change” forces, the leader of the popular movement. The transitional phase came after the leadership of the army on April 11 dismissed President Omar al-Bashir from the presidency (1989 – 2019), under the weight of popular protests denouncing the deteriorating economic situation.

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